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Welcome to the Spavelous Spa Locator the largest US spa directory to find the best spas nationwide. Finding the ultimate resort spa, or relaxation retreat is easy. Whether you desire to escape for an hour or a week, spa bliss is just a click away. Our Spa Locator will help you find your ideal spa or medical spa. You may search by state or you may browse by the type of spa you desire to enjoy. For your spa-finding experience, Spavelous has built a finder for the right spa for your convenience. But we also understand some of you may just want to do a glance at which spas are available in your state or spas by product or service affiliation of your choice.

Spa Showcase State By State

alabama spa

Spas In Alabama

From traditional warm stone massages to caviar facials, the many Alabama Spas feature innovative treatments in exquisite settings.

alaska spas  Spas In Alaska

Alaska is a land of diversity with each region offering a unique Alaskan Spa experience.

arizona spas Spas In Arizona

Arizona Spas provide the ultimate spa experience with many Arizona renowned spas provide guests with personalized programs with a blend of wellness, healthful cuisine, and relaxing spa services.

 arkansas spa

Just imagine. Languishing in a tub of hot water, soothing away the “wearies” of the world. Then the trained hands of a masseuse ply away the knots and kinks that come with a modern lifestyle. You don’t have to pay a fortune to experience the relaxation and luxury of an Arkansas spa getaway.

 california spa Spas In California

Wellness is a serious pursuit in California, so its little wonder the state is home to an unusually high number of exceptional health and beauty spas and wellness centers. Whether you desire an afternoon’s pampering or a weeklong rejuvenation retreat, you’ll find your bliss here.

 colorado spa Spas In Colorado

Colorado is home to dozens of hot springs and spas where visitors can soothe sore muscles after a full day of white-water rafting, skiing, ice climbing, hiking or mountain biking.

 connecticut spa Spas In Connecticut

Every season is the right season to indulge in the comforts of spa treatments in Connecticut, but winter is an especially good time to offer aid and comfort to the physical self.

 delaware spa Spas In Delaware

Whether you are looking for a spa retreat or a full week of luxurious treatments in Delaware that will leave you feeling nourished, relaxed, and restored, Spavelous can help you find the perfect relaxing getaway.

 florida spa Spas In Florida

What better way to pamper yourself than with a visit to the spas in Florida? Spavelous will help you find them from grand resorts, seaside escapes and boutique-sized havens. Services vary and reflect global spa trends as well as native remedies.

georgia spa Spas In Georgia

Prepare for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in the state of Georgia for its unspoiled scenery. Many Georgia Spas is specializing in nature-based therapies from massages to facials.

 hawaii spa Spas In Hawaii

Take a vacation from your vacation and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit at Hawaii’s spas. With many unique spa services offer Hawaiian and Asian influenced therapies, some using natural healing ingredients found only in the Islands.

 idaho spa Spas In Idaho

After all the fresh air, exercise and exposure to the elements a day of pampering could be just what’s needed for the Idaho traveler. Spas in Idaho offer the best in tranquil services including body wraps, massages, facials, hydrotherapies and body exfoliations, as well as mud wraps and mineral baths.

 illinois spa Spas In Illinois

Enter a realm where luxury is the standard in Illinois. You will be feeling nourished, relaxed, and restored after a perfect relaxing spa getaway in Illinois.

 indiana spa Spas In Indiana

There’s no better place to “restart your engines” than in one of Indiana’s charming towns or scenic parks. Better yet, from a spa in Indiana.

 iowa spa Spas In Iowa

Iowa is a state that will fascinate you with its array of things to see and experience. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find it and more in Iowa. Get pamper at one of the relaxing spas in Iowa.

 kansas spa Spas In Kansas

Time for a girls-only road trip? No problem. From unbeatable shopping and nightlife to luxury spas and casinos, Kansas has the recipe for a quick and unforgettable girlfriend getaway.

 kentucky spa Spas In Kentucky

Kentucky’s “Unbridled Spirit” makes every activity an adventure. It has thousands of miles of shoreline. Take in a museum? Kentucky has some of the best in the world. Watch horse racing? You bet! Shop? Till you drop! Relax? Last, but not least the wonderful spa experience you could enjoy. No doubt, Kentucky can cater to your every whim.

 louisiana spa Spas In Louisiana

Whether you are seeking to escape for a couple days of pampering or to escape for weeks of bliss, you can find a perfect Louisiana spas to help you unwind and redefine relaxation.

maine spa

Spas In Maine

Maine is the perfect place to sooth the mind, body and soul, many spas in Maine offer service to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind.

 maryland spa Spas In Maryland

A Maryland spas’ experience will spoil you with body massages, facials, healthy meals, and wonderful beauty treatments? It help you escape from the everyday pressures of life and relax in a beautiful and tranquil environment.

 massachusetts spa Spas In Massachusetts

When you just want to kick back and say ahhhh, Massachusetts has plenty of ways to help you do it. Get away from it all and unwind for some much-needed massage, manicures, facials, and general R&R at one of Massachusetts’ many resorts and spas. From day spas to stay spas, all natural botanical spas to pampering luxury spas, relax, it’s all here.

 michigan spa Spas In Michigan

Soothe your body and soul by visiting one of the many spas located throughout Michigan. Submerge yourself in luxury and indulge in an exclusive spa menu of remineralizing seawater and marine extracts, exotic botanical, and meticulously customized aromatherapy-based treatments and rituals.

 minnesota spa Spas In Minnesota

Minnesota Spas offer a variety of treatments for both men and women; massages, facials, body treatments, nail therapies and more. Many of these spas offer top quality products, so ensure outstanding results and the ultimate guest experience.

 mississippi spa Spas In Mississippi

Find a wide assortment of spas, each offering their own brand of amenities. Costs for Mississippi spas range from economy to extravagant, depending on your desires. Major chains, as well as locally owned day spas, are plentiful and just waiting to roll out the red carpet. Mississippi resort spas are surprisingly affordable and offer outstanding opportunities to enjoy great spa treatments just perfect for all your needs.

 missouri spa Spas In Missouri

The spas in Missouri are affordable offering many different packages to fit any budget. In case you want to soothe your body, mind and soul, health vacations in Missouri can be a good option for a wonderful, relaxing getaway.

 montana spa Spas In Montana

Montana is a rare and special place. A visit to some of these Montana Spas will bring you ultimate in self indulgence and relaxation. Pamper yourself with a spa getaway. There are spas available to fit everyone’s interests.

 nebraska spa

Spas In Nebraska

Feeling out of sort and rundown? Time to take a moment for yourself and Nebraska spas are the place to do it. Enjoy your skin and body being exfoliated, purified, massaged, and revitalized! Mentioned below are some of the most sought after Nebraska spas.

 nevada spa Spas In Nevada

Las Vegas is often the main event in Nevada, no matter what month it is and there are a lot of things to do in Las Vegas whenever you visit. Nevertheless spas in Nevada offer world class treatments and services. Enjoying the Nevada Spas experience is all about relaxing and forgetting about those every day stresses and strains that constantly weigh us down.

 new hampshire spa Spas In New Hampshire

They are many wonderful spas in New Hampshire. There is no better way to let your body know you appreciate it than to take in a few luxurious spa treatments.

 new jersey spa Spas In New Jersey

Say goodbye to tension and fatigue as you escape into a world of natural beauty and personal discovery at many New Jersey spas. Restore, relax and rejuvenate your body and soul and find yourself in the serene and tranquil state you deserve!

 new mexico spa Spas In New Mexico

New Mexico is a gorgeous state, with impossibly beautiful light, vistas encompassing mountains, green valleys and desert hideaways. New Mexico also has some of the country’s most interesting spas, from the sacred geothermal mineral springs in Ojo Caliente, to the luxurious new Spa at Encantado in Santa Fe.

 new york spa Spas In New York

Native Americans used New York State’s mineral waters for relaxation and healing. Today, our state’s destination and day spas provide a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate. Enjoy a message, facial and many other treatments.

north carolina spa Spas In North Carolina

In North Carolina’s mountains, spa resorts serve up first-class service as well as fresh mountain air, impeccable views, and amazing autumn color. On the North Carolina coast, from Wilmington to the Outer Banks, you’ll find spas specializing in genteel Southern Hospitality to go along with your sun, surf, and seafood. North Carolina is home to many spas ready to be at your service!

 ohio spa Spas In Ohio

Spas in Ohio used to be considered extremely indulgent, something only the wealthy could afford and delight in. These days the day spas Ohio offers are much more accessible and affordable for many and offer many more relaxing and healthy treatments than ever before.

 oklahoma spa Spas In Oklahoma

Oklahoma spas offer the perfect way to unwind and revive yourself while you are on your relax vacation. You will have no problem finding a luxurious spa in Oklahoma that will leave you feeling nourished, relaxed, and restored.

 oregon spa Spas In Oregon

Oregon is a place where people often find themselves roaming endlessly with no other goal than the next great meal, powdery slope, lighthouse view or salmon run.

 pennsylvania spa Spas In Pennsylvania

To make your spa experience even more of a sensory treat, combine your stay with a visit to one of Pennsylvania’s many small wineries. Pennsylvania grapes are varied and complex — explore the different regions and the wines produced there for an adventure that will heighten your appreciation for the finer things in life.

 rhode island spa Spas In Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a world-class destination offering some of the best natural beauty, culinary offerings, history and cultural attractions.There is always something interesting to do and see in Rhode Island and not just in the summer. There is no short choices of many wonderful spas.

 south carolina spa Spas In South Carolina

From pampering pedicures to weight loss and water therapies, South Carolina spas restore inner balance and cleanse the spirit.

 south dakota spa Spas In South Dakota

Vacationing in South Dakota is not only fun, but it’s also affordable. Look here for last-minute lodging deals or vacation packages that include lodging and attractions. The great faces of South Dakota are proud of the great places. With many great South Dakota Spas, it is easy to feel at home in this state.

 tennessee spa Spas In Tennessee

Getting away with the girls is always a great time, and Tennessee has set the stage for the perfect getaway with girlfriends. Tennessee’s central location makes it convenient for girlfriends to meet and relax. When you’ve shopped till you’re ready to drop, relax at one of Tennessee’s luxurious spas or boutique inns.

 texas spa Spas In Texas

There are a large variety of spa treatments available in Texas spas and choosing the right one only takes a few minutes to talk with the masseuse. People visit a spa in Texas to relieve stress, but there are many other purposes of a spa and they are: therapeutic healing such as arthritis, cleansing, toning of the muscles, firming of the skin, and/or recovery massages.

 utah spa Spas In Utah

There are so many activities to enjoy in Utah; it’s not uncommon for travelers to need to relax and rejuvenate before heading home. Utah’s spas offer the perfect solution. Come nurture your body, mind, and spirit in a serene mountain setting, at the hands of a certified specialist!

 vermont spa Spas In Vermont

If your idea of relaxation has nothing to do with speeding down a mountain side, slow things down with a luxurious day at the spa. Throughout Vermont, dozens of inns and resorts feature full service spas and many unique services to choose from.

 virginia spa Spas In Virginia

Take to the waters of Virginia’s relaxing hot springs and spas. The American Indians first discovered the healing benefits of the natural springs that bubble to the surface in pools in the Warm Springs Valley of Virginia. Later, when the European colonists migrated to the area, the springs became places for retreat and rejuvenation.

 washington spa Spas In Washington

If you’d like to get toned, tanned, trimmed, tinted, pedicured or pampered, we can help. Washington State health clubs and fitness centers offer everything from weight rooms to saunas to pools to yoga classes and tanning services. Or choose from a wide selection of full-service spas and salons that provide massage, facials, hair styling, pedicures, manicures and more.

 west virginia spa Spas In West Virginia

Relaxation. Rest. Serenity. Peace. West Virginia’s spas and resorts offer each of these and much more. Indulge in one of the state’s world-class resorts with a loved one to rekindle the romance or as a well- deserved girlfriend getaway. The serene, natural settings of the Mountain State, coupled with high-quality services, will rejuvenate your spirit and help you forget about the stresses of your all-too-busy daily life.

 wisconsin spa Spas In Wisconsin

Wisconsin offers a variety of ways to help travelers deal with the stress of the season. If you’re planning, or even thinking about, a spa treatment soon, here’s a sampling of the state’s signature treatments from the mouths of regular visitors and front-line spa experts. Warning: may induce heightened relaxation.

 wyoming spa Spas In Wyoming

Spend sometime at a luxurious spa in Wyoming that will leave you feeling nourished, relaxed, and restored. Wyoming and its surroundings offer an number of different options if you are looking for a spa experience during your stay.