Focus on topics that interest you, at Spavelous we present to you information that will help you live a more balance and a healthier life. Our research team conduct and collect studies will benefit you and your family. Sharing with you pros and cons with latest health and wellness trends.

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We truly embrace and promote the spa lifestyle. With the stress and busy life that we have, a little unwind with physical and emotional relief is important for us to live a healthy life. But we believe it can be affordable, and a great value for our hard earn dollars.

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Showcase the best spa and beauty products in the market today. Other than our own spa product lines have been long accepted one of the best in the market,  We also share with you some of most effective products in the market today for both health and wellness.

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Condé Nast Traveler ~ Other travel publications often accept free travel and accommodations. Condé Nast Traveler does not. It is independent of the travel industry. Truth in Travel is the guiding principle for all content published in Condé Nast Traveler. The magazine always pays its own way, and, as much as possible, its correspondents travel anonymously. By doing so, they experience the world—both the good and the bad—as other travelers do, and their reports and recommendations are fair, impartial, and authoritative.

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Spavelous Top Spas is a collection of spas that offer excellent quality and value. For most part we pay for what we get, but it is more important to us the quality of the services that a spa provides and are they giving you the best value for the money you spend. We research hundreds of spas every month to find the true exceptional experience for your spa lifestyle.

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World Travel Awards ~ Since World Travel Awards ‘burst’ on to the international travel and tourism scene 15 years ago, the organization has been making steady and significant, long term impact. Taking customer expectations to a new, unparalleled high. World Travel Awards aim has been to encourage world-class competition, stimulate innovation and creativity as well as ensure that travelers receive exceptional value.

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Mobil Travel Guide ~ A proven, time-tested gold standard for spa rating systems, and Mobil invented it. Whether it’s a Mobil One-Star rating or a Mobil Five-Star Award certification, each designation reflects the best in service excellence. The Mobil Star ratings and certifications provide travelers with trustworthy recommendation supported by actual physical inspections.

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American Spa Magazine provides spa owners and managers with inside information and trends on everything from the bottom line to wellness. Through the use of evocative photographs and an elegant design, we build a community by taking our readers deep inside the spa world.

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Travel + Leisure is a celebration of travel. The magazine explores the places, ideas, and trends that define modern global culture while delivering the most comprehensive service journalism of any travel source. T+L is the authority for the discerning traveler. With an eye for the authentic, the innovative, and the irresistible, Travel + Leisure propels its readers to travel now, travel smarter, and travel often.

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It might be a perfect time to plan a spa getaway for a day or a Spa Getaway and Vacation. Visiting a spa provides you with an opportunity to relax, unwind, and spend some time focusing on your own physical and mental well-being. Whether you visit a spa alone or with friends or loved ones, you’re sure to be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go after you spend a few days recharging your batteries. The options are endless when it comes to spas and relaxation vacations.

Spavelous is your spa deal finder guide, we have the largest spa directory. A leading resource for finding information on Day Spa, Resort Spa, Medical Spa, and Destination Spa Vacations. We help you find the best spas, plan your spa day, or spa vacations by offering up-to-date spa deals, unique spas and treatments. Spavelous Spa Shop is a great place to find spa gifts, such as spa gift baskets, books for your mind, and spa products.


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Locate The Best Spa Deal in Your Area Come back daily to check out our new articles in our Spavelous Spa Digest area. Or, you can subscribe to our Spa Blogs and have the articles and our Spavelous Spa Deal Finder available when you want them.

Spa In The Know Whether you are a seasoned spa professional or a first time spa goer, the Spa Etiquette area will give you pointers on how to make the most of your spa visit.

Spavelous is more than just a Top Spa Directory for Day Spas, Medical Spas, Resort Spas, Hotel Spas and Destination Resort Spas, we also showcase the best spas in and around the United States. Find The Right Spa For You NOW!


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Spa Articles and Spa Video will give you spa tips, beauty tips, and allow you to see and read about new spa treatments. Spavelous has developed a unique Spa Terminology area. Check out the Spa Terminology area when you want to know more about a service or you want to decide which spa treatment is right for you. Spa Deals is Spavelous’ exclusive collection of spa discounts, spa packages, and spa vacations available exclusively to Spavelous members. Our online newsletter, “Now You Are In the Know™” contains valuable information on current spa, health and weight loss related topics. Read the “Now You Are In the Know™” newsletter and learn nutritional information,stress management techniques and home recipes for spa products from our highly reputable staff! As well as helpful tips about fitness. Come … join us to a Spavelous journey and experience the joy of the spa.

Finding The Right Spa

With more than 16,000 spas in the United States alone, Finding the right spa may be a daunting task. With a few pointers, you will easily to find the right spa for you.
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