10-Minute Manicure Offers Solution For Busy Women




Like many Americans, it’s tough for Stephanie Nickele to find time in her hectic schedule to enjoy a manicure and pedicure.


“It’s the only opportunity I have during the day to get this done. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do this at all,” she said.


Enter 10-Minute Manicure.


“It’s very much like the men’s business tie and shiny shoes. It is something that is necessary in today’s professional world,” said Karen Janson, vice president of 10-Minute Manicure.

For $10, customers get a manicure in 10 minutes.


It’s a needed service, say the business’s creators, because well-groomed nails can be the final touch on a woman’s image.

“We can’t show up at business meetings or social events without our appearance being 100 percent, and nails are very integral to that,” said Vivian Jimenez, co-founder of the business.

10-Minute Manicure was born from a simple idea. Three friends, all busy professional women, desperately wanted something that would make their lives easier.


“Women need a little bit of an oasis and we provide that as a service during their busy working day,” Janson said.


Last January, the women opened their first 10-Minute Manicure in Cincinnati’s airport. There are now 11 airport locations with one at Miami International opening soon.


Each salon, like the one in downtown Miami, has the same design and pricing.


“They can rely on the consistency of the services. That’s really important,” Jimenez said. “They know it’s clean. They know we sterilize. All of our technicians are licensed and have all been through our training.”

The owners specifically targeted airports to grow their business. The stores are located after the security gates where travelers spend about 90 minutes on average waiting for flights.

It’s fast because technicians use special products and eliminate the soaking process.


“Anytime I’m in one of our locations, a woman will come up to me and thank me, and say, ‘This is the greatest idea. I wish I had done it,'” said Lorraine O’Neil, CEO of 10-Minute Manicure.

“I think of us as the Starbucks of nails,” Janson said. “They have taken the cup of coffee to the next level, and we’ve taken nails to the next level.”


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