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146 Sassy Spoon Bistro and Day Spa – Joplin MO



Jo Ellis: Bistro, spa open on the square


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A new business on the Carthage square has more than twice the normal appeal to women.


Crystal Stiles has opened 146 Sassy Spoon Bistro and Day Spa, offering cosmetic and culinary arts in one-stop shopping.


The restaurant and spa are at the corner of Fourth and Grant streets in a building that years ago was occupied by Scotts Five and Dime store and later by Bee Discount. The building had stood empty for some time until Crystal and her husband, Ron Stiles, purchased it four years ago. They renovated the second floor into an urban loft home.


Crystal believes that operating a restaurant is “something that everyone wants to do at one time or another. We had the space; we wanted to do something with it.”


Rehabbing the building and constructing the restrooms, therapy rooms and front entrance was Ron’s contribution during nights and weekends when he was free from his job at Leggett & Platt Inc.


Janis George takes on managerial duties while Crystal does most of the cooking. She says the club sandwich salad “has been a big hit.” Another specialty is the roasted vegetable salad, which can be topped with brisket for heartier appetites. The menu includes soups and sandwiches; slabs of ribs are available for man-size meals or as takeout for family dinners.


“We get premium meat from Back Door Catering, which is owned by Ron’s cousin, Jeff Abbiatti,” Crystal said. Dessert can be a slice of chocolate cake, cheesecake or Key lime cheesecake pie.


Colorful macro floral prints by photographer Koral Martin decorate the walls, and four large old-fashioned fans hang from the tall ceiling. Comfortable wicker chairs and tile-topped round tables add the atmosphere of an outdoor bistro.


The seating capacity is 42, but Crystal said she hopes to hold special-event parties that could accommodate up to 100 people by adding extra tables and seating on the mezzanine. The restaurant is licensed for beer and wine. Next month, Crystal plans to inaugurate a Friday happy hour from 5:15 to 7:45 p.m. featuring live music by Maryann Andrews on the piano and Keith Garber on bass and trumpet.


While the restaurant is open only from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., appointments may be made for the day spa at any time during regular business hours. In addition to a full-service hair salon, the spa offers microdermabrasion, Swedish massages, manicures and pedicures.


Kathy Chapman, Tamu Smith, Kim Molina and Connie Hobart are the hair stylists, while Angie Cobble provides the facials. Kim also handles the manicures and pedicures. Helen Kunze, who was featured in this column two weeks ago, teaches some of her yoga classes at the day spa.


Think this is all about you, you, you? Nope. After you’ve been primped, and primed with food, you can do something nice for your family by taking advantage of scrapbooking instruction by Kimber Woodard and Diane Martin, who work as servers and kitchen assistants during the lunch hour. They work with both beginners and longtime scrapbookers. You can see why 146 Sassy Spoon Bistro and Day Spa appeals to women, and with fuel prices ever-increasing, the guys are going to appreciate one-stop shopping also, especially if you bring home a slab of those ribs.



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