Aromatherapy For Skin Care


Aromatherapy For Beauty

What is old is new again when it comes to natural beauty and the use of essential oils. Many spa skin care and body treatment lines are based on aromatherapy and the use of botanicals including: Pevonia, Aveda, Sisley, and Decleor to name a few. This has generated an increase interest in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils for home beauty treatments.

Before you start to invest in essential oils, or have spa treatments that incorporate them. You should read about essential oils, and become familiar with their proper use and care. If you are working with aromatherapy and essential oils for the first time, try visiting a health food store, herbalist or a retailer with a good variety of premium, high-quality essential oils.

Take advantage of testers and simply start smelling the individual oils. Experts suggest swirling the oil around in the bottle to gently awaken the molecules before you smell.

Sensory overload can develop if you smell too many essential oils at one time. In order to inhibit the sensory overload, I recommend that you smell coffee bean between testers to “clear their palate.”

Because there are no laws governing the purity and labeling of essential oils, being an educated consumer is the best way to ensure your money is well spent. You should definitely read up on the use and safety of essential oils prior to mixing any recipe.