Best Spas in the USA

Spavelous has compiled a listing of the Best of the Best. These spas have been chosen as award winners by the most reputable spa and travel organizations including – Mobil Travel Guide, Condè Nast Traveller, Spa Magazine, Travel + Leisure, and many more.

These are the Best Spas in each state, and include the Top Spas as rated by world class magazines. Here is a sample list of the top recommended spas:

Mobil Travel Guide Top Spas
For travelers who use the Internet to plan trips, spa ratings have become seriously suspect. All major travel Web sites offer ratings that appear to help consumers find spas that meets their requirements. Read More

Condé Nast Traveler Top Spas
Truth in Travel is the guiding principle for all content published in Condé Nast Traveler. They experience the world—both the good and the bad—as other travelers do, and their reports and recommendations are fair, impartial, and authoritative. Read More Best Spas is the premier source of independent travel information online. It provide great vacation ideas for every type of traveler, from budget to luxury to adventure. Read More

Spa Magazine Silver Sage
Spa Magazine offers a complete guide to relaxation. Unwind and rejuvenate with spa specials, articles, healthy recipes & more. Read More

Travel + Leisure Top Spas
Travel + Leisure is a celebration of travel. The magazine explores the places, ideas, and trends that define modern global culture while delivering the most comprehensive service journalism of any travel source. Read More

World Travel Awards Top Spas
World Travel Awards aim has been to encourage world-class competition, stimulate innovation and creativity as well as ensure that travelers receive exceptional value. Read More

American Spa Magazine Top Spas
American Spa Magazine provides spa owners and managers with inside information and trends on everything from the bottom line to wellness.
Read More

Skin Inc Awards Top Spas
Skin Inc. magazine is the leading industry publication for day spa, medical spa and wellness professionals. Read More




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