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Finding Happiness in a Calm and Modest Life

Finding Happiness in a Calm and Modest Life

I Quit My 6-Figure Job and High-Rolling Lifestyle in the Big City to Live in a Tiny Town – What I Discovered Blew My Mind!

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” – Albert Einstein.

Giving Up the Rat Race for Inner Fulfillment

I used to be caught up in the rat race, constantly chasing career success and accolades. As a young restauranteur, my days were filled with 12-hour workdays, endless meetings, conference calls, the pressure to land big deals, and a persistent, gnawing sense that I needed to learn more and do more to get ahead.

giving up the rat race for inner fulfillment
True Happiness Can’t Be Bought

Realizing True Happiness Can’t Be Bought

Does Money Equal Happiness?

Even as my salary and bonuses grew, true fulfillment eluded me. I had all the trappings of a life well-lived – fancy cars, a big house, exotic vacations – but I felt hollow and anxious underneath it all. 

Single – Successful- Alone at 45

My mind was always on work, and I had little time for family, friends, and simple joys.

Overworked No Life Balance

One day, overworked and overwhelmed from working at a Franchise Convention, I had an epiphany. More money, prestige, and material possessions weren’t making me happier. My work had become my life. I needed to re-evaluate what was really important in life. 

The Turning Point: Leaving the Big City for a Small Town

I gave my notice at the office and decided to move from the big city to a small, rural town where my sister lived. Her husband was diagnosed as being terminally ill and only had a few months to live. She had two small children, and I knew she may need some assistance.

What Now?

At the office, everyone asked me what I was going to do. For the first time in my life, I did not know. I had not preplanned it; I was just going to do it. Move forward in faith that somehow I would find my way.

Discovering the Charms of a Calmer, Simpler Life

The first few months were challenging – I missed the adrenaline rush of travel, business, fancy restaurants, and culture.

Dogs, Friends, and Nature Walks

But gradually, I settled into my new life, making friends with neighbors, finding joy in long walks with my dogs, and learning to take time to explore cooking. 

Core Values

Instead of judging my worth by a corner office and bonus checks, I focused on cultivating meaningful relationships, appreciating each day’s simple pleasures, and finding work aligned with my values.

Embracing Every Moment in My Cozy Home

Instead of racing to the office, I wake up slowly, savoring fresh ground coffee on the back patio overlooking the garden. 

The Joy of Playing

I spend more time playing fetch with my furry companions in the backyard than I ever did, petting them hurriedly as I ran out the door.  

Memories Life Comes Full Circle

These days, it rekindles my childhood memories of lying on the backyard lawn and looking up at the marbled sky above, filling my heart with the same awe and wonder I felt as a kid. 

Finding True Contentment and Letting Go of Restlessness

When I cook dinner in my tiny but cheery kitchen, I feel deep satisfaction – this meal nurtures my body, and the prep work calms my mind. 

In the evening, I snuggle under a blanket with a good book or chat with my husband (yes, that is an unbelievable story on its own) instead of firing off late-night emails or eating dinner at midnight after a long day’s work.

I still have ambitious projects I’m working on, but the constant restlessness has faded away. Today, I came across a quote from Albert Einstein: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” 

Let there be Peace, Joy, and Happiness.

Albert Einstein was right; I’ve realized success means nothing without inner peace. And a calm, modest life devoted to joyful moments and meaningful pursuits brings me happiness that money once promised but could never deliver.

Are you ready to have a calm, modest life of happiness?