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Anti Aging Facials

Anti Aging Facial Treatments

Anti-aging Treatment: Non-Surgical Ways to Take Ten Years Off Your Face Today’s innovative cosmetic surgery treatments can help you stop the clock without going under the...
holistic healings

Holistic Healings

Mind, Body and Soul Therapies As a Holistic Practitioner, it is great to see that an increasing number of spas are looking at more than...
native american treatments

Native American Indian Spa Treatments

Native American Indian Spa Treatments Finding your "purpose in life" Long before the white man set foot on American soil the Native Americans, had been living...
Pregnancy Spa Treatments

Pregnancy Spa Treatments

With more than 4 million U.S. births every year, there are plenty of mommy clients desiring a prenatal or postnatal massage by someone who understands their particular bodywork needs.
Guinot skin care

Fresh And Fruity Facials

Your skin is the body's largest respirator. It's a fragile, protective barrier that wards off disease, prevents infection, protects internal organs and releases toxins.
Painless Waxing

Painless Waxing

Are there any spas that offer completely painless waxing?Cathy S.  Peoria AZ Dear Cathy,When it comes to hair removal, there is large number of options...
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