Destination Spas Right Here At Home





Red Door Spa / Doral Resort and Spa Miami / Florida Resort Spas

Destination spas are popular vacation getaways but if you live in Southeast Florida, getting away is closer to home than you think.

In Broward County, the newly renovated Hyatt Regency Bonaventure offers luxurious rooms adjacent to the world famous Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.

The signature entry welcomes visitors through a lush, tropical Zen garden to a spa equipped with all the luxuries.

Packages include a two-night stay, with food and beverage credits and seven different spa services for under $700 per person. “We call that the girlfriends weekend,” said Fronstin. “It’s just a great way to unwind.”

At the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami-Dade, clients can stay in one of the 48 private spa suites while they take advantage of the 53,000-square foot facility.

“So many people don’t realize we’re here, but once they do, they’re amazed,” said executive spa director Donna Christoffersson.

The Doral Golf Resort and Spa has a designated fitness center with two consultants on site, classes in nutrition and wellness, and a Spa restaurant offering special low-calorie and low-fat menu items.

“People don’t come here to necessarily lose weight but if they want to, we make it easy,” said Christoffersson.

Weekend getaway packages start at $139 per person, per night, during the off season.

For those looking for more than a weekend getaway, the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach is the place to go.

“We are the original med-spa,” said Director Brian Clemens. “This is about changing your way of life, getting healthy and feeling better.”

That means staying at Hippocrates a minimum of one week at a cost of around $2,500.

That price includes all your meals, which are completely vegan and the drink of choice is wheatgrass, grown on the premises.

“We are focused on detoxifying the body and renewing the spirit,” said Clemens.

The 37-acre compound boasts a heated salt therapy tub, a cold plunge pool, health food store, gym and spa. There are no televisions in the rooms and cell phone use is frowned upon.

“Coming here is about truly getting away,” said Clemens.

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