Dr Oz Beer Gut Diet


Look down at your gut. Or ladies, look at your man’s gut. How did it happen? Poor eating habits? Lack of exercise? Too much beer? Get off the couch and jumpstart your weight loss with Dr. Oz’s gut-busting plan!

It’s time to ditch the extra pounds and increase your overall health (and sex drive!) Don’t worry guys – you can even keep the beer.

This plan teaches you easy-to-implement changes in your diet and physical activity that promise to trim the waistline.

First things first…it’s all about Portion Control!

1. Beer: You don’t have to totally give up your draft of choice. Instead, switch to light beer! Initially, you can even drink the same volume of beer.
2. Meals: With some simple substitutions and changes to your favorite meals, you won’t feel like you’re giving up the foods and tastes you love!

Action Plan
Portion Control: The Basics

Keep portions the same and reduce calories with your food choices Lower meals by 100 calories while keeping the tastes you love! Use reduced-fat cheese, whole grains and cut back on sugars. You’ll be surprised how easy this is!

#1 Breakfast

Eat breakfast! It helps to speed up your metabolism. Try peanut butter on toast to get a dose of healthy oils on a piece of bread. It’s heart-healthy and can even lower cholesterol.

#2 Lunch

Try adding lettuce and tomato to your sandwich. It adds bulk and nutrients. Add a salad to your menu for vitamin C, E, and folic acid.

# 3 Dinner

If you’re eating pizza: go for thinner crust! It cuts calories and carbs. Plus, tomato sauce adds cancer-fighting lycopene – not to mention, it tastes good!

# 4 Dessert

Here’s the only place Dr. Oz is asking you to make a real sacrifice. Lose the sundaes! It’s metabolic suicide. The calories go straight to your gut with a whopping 1000+ calories!

# 5 Exercise – 3 Point Plan

Stationary bike or elliptical 2-3 times a week Weight training or core exercises once a week that include crunches and twists to strengthen your stomach muscles!

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