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Fish Pedicure Garra Rufa Banned in some USA States



Before you have a Dr Fish or Garra Rufa pedicure, be sure you read a Spavelous Exclusive article.

If you are a spa director you should read this before spending 10,000 – 40,000 in non-refundable dollars.

Many states have banned Dr fish, and more will probably follow.  What you should know before you go.

Doctor Fish Pedicure Experience

Have you wanted to enjoy baby-smooth soles, free of dry skin and rough cuticles?   Did the thought of tiny fish tickling your feet and filling you with laughter make you want to take off your shoes and dive right in?  The answer to this for many was an astounding yes as the first Dr. Fish pedicure spa opened in Virginia.

Quickly, over five thousand Happy Feet spa owners throughout the United States were looking to acquire the Garra Rufa fish and introduce this new exfoliation and skin healing treatment.

The fish used by the spa are tiny toothless freshwater fish that have been used and studied for many years for the treatment of psoriasis. The procedure involves allowing the fish to nibble off the dead skin initially, followed by the standard procedure of pedicure.