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Exclusive Glen Ivy Spa Deals | Unwind at the Renowned Hot Springs

Enjoy Tranquil Pampering with Glen Ivy Spa Deals

Nestled in the picturesque Temescal Canyon near Los Angeles, Glen Ivy Hot Springs has been a favored destination for relaxation and rejuvenation for over 160 years.

Ultimate Glen Ivy Spa Deals – Passport to Wellness Savings

Passport to Wellness Packages include:

  • A full day of relaxation and unwinding in Glen Ivy’s beautiful gardens, pools, and mineral baths.
  •  Enjoy a dedicated space with loungers, a relaxing space, a dining table, and chairs. Please view some of their private spaces here.
  • Your Choice of a 50-minute massage or facial (valued at $135).
  • A visit to the underground Grotto experience!
  • Club Mud’s outdoor mud therapy.
  • A Glen Ivy robe for the day.
  • A welcome Mimosa for each Passport guest. (Or orange juice, if you prefer.)
  • A dedicated host to serve your dining selections and to help you navigate your day.
  • Early access to the property at 9:00 am.
  • A meal from our exclusive Passport menu (appetizer, entree & sangria).
  • A 10% mandatory service charge will be added to all Food & Beverage guest checks. This mandatory service charge is not considered a gratuity or tip but is distributed in full to all Food & Beverage team members to supplement their income.

Monthly Spa Specials

Seasonal Spa Offers

Make any season more enjoyable with Glen Ivy’s seasonal offers. Glen Ivy also offers a variety of gift cards and other promotions throughout the year.

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Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ tradition of affordable value draws people from every walk of life.

Unwind with Friends or Loved Ones

Glen Ivy’s Better with Friends Package is a great option for those looking to share the serene ambiance with friends.

Balance Your Body and Spirit

Glen Ivy’s Admission with Service Package makes it easy to align therapeutic spa treatments with the rejuvenating benefits of their mineral waters.

Three Hours of Bliss

Enjoy a condensed spa experience with access to all baths and pools during this window.

Significant Savings

Take advantage of lowered admission rates when booked in advance.

Escape for a quick spa getaway without burning vacation time or breaking the bank!

Club 1860 Membership Savings: 

With various membership levels, a la carte services, and promotional packages, Glen Ivy offers myriad ways to experience its renowned hospitality and healing waters.

Glen Ivy’s Top 3 Mineral Spring Experiences

Glen Ivy Hot Springs near Los Angeles has been a beloved retreat for over 160 years. This oasis’s geothermal mineral waters are central to its signature wellness experiences.

Bask in the Healing Red Clay

The iconic Club Mud experience starts by covering yourself head to toe with mineral-rich red clay. This mess-but-fun ritual offers both physical and mental detox.

Smooths and Purifies Skin

The clay’s high iron oxide content draws out impurities from the skin, improves circulation, and leaves skin silky and smooth.

Calms the Mind

As the clay slowly hardens and tightens on the skin, it promotes stillness and serenity, allowing stressed minds to unwind.

After relaxing for 15-20 minutes, shower off for a refreshed glow.

Restore Balance in The Waters

The Waters at Glen Ivy are the heart of its appeal and renewal properties.

19 Mineral Pools

With a wide range of temperatures from cooling to hot, immerse in Glen Ivy’s sodium, magnesium, and lithium-enriched waters based on preference.

Promotes Healing

Minerals like potassium improve heart health and muscle recovery, while lithium has mood-boosting effects, promoting holistic healing.

Rotate between crystal-clear calcium pools and geothermal mineral baths for equilibrium.

Find Tranquility in The Grotto

The intimate Grotto is the most hidden and serene of all of Glen Ivy’s aqueous offerings.

Secluded Underground Pool

Nestled in a dimly lit underground chamber, the Grotto features the hottest mineral waters on site.

Ultimate Relaxation

The combination of heated waters, privacy, and soothing lavender aromatherapy make the Grotto especially conducive to releasing all tension.

Emerge recharged and restored after unwinding in this womb-like sanctuary.

With its trifecta of unique water-based treatments, Glen Ivy offers profoundly restorative and reinvigorating wellness experiences.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when booking your spa experience at Glen Ivy:

  • Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and holidays.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Gratuities are not included in the price of your service.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring a swimsuit and towel.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs has been a mecca for wellness seekers for over a century. It is better than ever, with thoughtful renovations, expansions, and program development that aim to make it a top destination for tourists and Californians alike. Recognized as one of the best spas in America, Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ tradition of affordable value draws people from every walk of life.