Greetings From the Chopra Center



I received this note from the Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Center and wanted to pass it on:

It has been an emotionally and environmentally turbulent time as wildfires have brought devastation on a massive scale to the people and the land of southern California. As the fires raged to our north, south and east over the past week, the Chopra Center remained structurally sound and visually unscathed except for smoke-filled skies. Over the past few days, our sleepy beach community of Carlsbad has gotten back up to speed as the once soot-filled air has been replaced with sweet, fresh ocean breezes.

Many of you reached out to the Center over the past week, sharing your healing intentions and your concern for our welfare. We are grateful for your emails and phone calls filled with warm wishes and loving prayers. Our 75 Chopra Center family members are safe and we are grateful that we can continue to work to help people throughout the world balance, heal and transform.

This week each of us was given the opportunity to determine what we truly value in this life. Never is that made clearer than when you are instructed to load up the things that matter most and drive away from your home with the expectation that what you didn’t take will be lost forever.

In this period of deep reflection, we acknowledge with appreciation the lives of our Chopra Center family members and the millions around the planet in our extended family. You are the life force that brings the daily purpose to our organization and helps make it the global source for personal fulfillment, emotional and physical healing, and the achievement of higher consciousness.

We know that the world has a great need for healing at all levels. To make this process easier and more accessible, we are offering every Namasté reader who wants to attend our Healing the Heart program February 22-24 in Carlsbad, California the opportunity to bring a friend, lover, spouse, or family member for free. In the nurturing setting of the Chopra Center, you will learn how to let go of emotional struggle, open your heart, and share the gifts you were born to express. Join us for a profound experience of our infinite capacity for healing and love.
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