Issaquah WA Medical Spa Best Health Secret


Issaquah’s best kept secret is now out. A 10,606-square-foot state of the art medical center with a world-class luxury spa discretely tucked away in the Maple Street building (the large office building behind Joe’s) has been gaining word-of-mouth exposure for its unique offerings, beautiful surroundings and result-oriented treatments. Avikai recently celebrated two years of operation and was awarded “Best of Issaquah 2008” in the spa division by U.S. Local Business Association.

Avikai has a Health Center with naturopathic doctors, accepts most insurance plans, and combines the best of health-based medicine with a European approach to noninvasive youthful aging and pampering. Avikai means “fountain of life” and clients are happily discovering this new paradigm for health-based medicine in a luxury spa setting right in their own back yard.

The Bali Suite offers side-by-side massage and the Aahh-vikai Mineral Jacuzzi bath is popular for its authentic design as an island escape, complete with a domed palapa ceiling.

The Health Center is a 2,000-square-foot specialty area which can accommodate colonic therapy, IV Chelation for detoxification and health maintenance, as well as a private red infrared sauna with shower for detoxification and weight loss.

The Health Center is supervised by Dr. Suzanne Sykurski who specializes in hCG weight loss protocols. Rapidly gaining in popularity, hCG weight loss has been clinically shown to help someone safely lose up to 20 pounds per month by resetting the body’s metabolism.

Clients also find the noninvasive facelifts using proven microcurrent technology from Europe effective in restoring a more youthful look without surgery or injections. Nutritional consults, hormonal balancing, and lifestyle education empowers Avikai clients to look and feel their best without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgeries.

Avikai is leading the way in offering corporate wellness programs tied to Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts to help curb the cost of health care for business which has seen insurance costs rise to up to 20 percent of gross revenues.

The U.S. is spending more that $1 trillion for drugs, health care costs based on treating diseases that are out of control. Americans are experiencing epidemic levels of diabetes, heart disease cancer and obesity. Avikai offers a new model to those determined to optimize health and appearance at any age.

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