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Apotheosis Life Coaching Phoenix Deals

Apotheosis Life Coaching Phoenix Deals team up to offer four One-On-One Strategy Sessions valued at $1200. for a limited time at the price of  $799.

Do you want to make changes but don’t know where to begin?

Are you sick of working all the time and not having a life?

Are you tired of being in pain all the time?

Limited Time Offer.

Apotheosis Life Coaching Phoenix Deals is excited to provide YOU an opportunity to have four one-on-one Coaching Sessions with a Certified Professional Life Coach (ACC, CPC,  ELI-MP) for a limited time at $799.  These four (45-min.) one-on-one coaching sessions are a $1200 value. For additional information feel free to call 480-499-3199 for more information about this coaching package.

Life coaching is a co-creative relationship that can help you go past the point where you often feel stuck.  As a coach, I support you in becoming clear on what is most important to you, often when there are competing priorities.  Once your priorities are clear, we’ll work together to transform your goals from visions into reality. At Apotheosis Life Coaching, we customize coaching sessions to your personal needs. Imagine having a conversation where it is ALL about YOU!  In every coaching conversation that is what your will experience at Apotheosis Life Coaching.  In our co-creative coaching sessions, we work together to help you become the “best you” there can be.

 Many individuals have the potential of being greater than they are. However, the world does not run on potential energy, it runs on kinetic energy. With our co-creative coaching sessions, you will unleash your potential and learn to be successful as you journey through the different aspects of your life that you choose to excel in. We turn dreams into reality. We will assist you to discover the wisdom and power within you to make your life be what you want it to be. Whatever your situation, we can help you become clearer on your priorities, choices, and possibilities so that your can achieve your dreams and goals. We will use a variety of tools and techniques, to rediscover the power within you.  Working together to take your from drab to fab so that you will experience an apotheosis in both your personal and professional life. Want to get a taste of whether coaching is right for you? Sign up below and we can chat!