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Caring for your body is a task that knows no end, much like counting all the stars in the night sky or shooing the drifters away from Mount Rushmore. 


Choose Between Two Options

  • $139 for three 75-minute sessions of cranio-sacral therapy (a $390 value)
  • $208 for five 75-minute sessions of cranio-sacral therapy (a $650 value)

Practitioners use focused, light pressure on the scalp, spinal column, sacrum, and nearby tissue to release tension and relax patients. By evaluating variations in the cranio-sacral system’s rhythm, the therapist identifies the sources of discomfort, which can then be addressed in a way that suits each individual.

Live Free Integrative Therapies

For Live Free Integrative Therapies owner Kim Pinckley (LMT, APP, MBW), it’s just as important to treat the mind as it is to treat the body. That’s why she provides hypnotherapy treatments, which help patrons overcome such seemingly insurmountable foes as sleep issues, weight gain, substance abuse, or a fear of being hypnotized. Pinckley’s deft fingers also release deep-rooted tension during sessions of cranio-sacral therapy, which improve both mental and physical wellness.

Kim Pinckley began her service in the mind-body wellness field 15 years ago as a licensed massage therapist in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. She graduated from the Humanities Center School of Massage with honors. She then split her time doing relaxation massage techniques at a beach resort and practiced a more therapeutic approach in her own wellness office. Having both types of environments to work from made it easy for her to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the appropriate type of touch conducive for healing in countless specific cases. Within the last 10 years Kim has streamlined her practice to focus on the direct correlation between mind and body. With this new direction, she incorporated Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release techniques into her practice as to help facilitate the client’s journey to balance and integration on both physical and emotional levels.