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Clare Duggan, owner of Spa Essene, 339 G St., added a variety of spa treatments about a month ago to massage options already available.



Duggan said she wanted to add spa treatments for a long time but couldn’t because of space limitations. She needed room before the treatments could be initiated.



“I enjoy pampering people,” Duggan said.



Spa Essene has been open three years before being able to increase services.


Duggan added a FIR infrared sauna for therapy treatments. It can be used in combination with scrubs, wraps or massages. The treatments supplement massages.



The sauna heats the body with direct light conversion. It raises the temperature of the body only, not the surrounding air, meaning the body perspires and receives benefits of the sauna without breathing hot air.



FIR saunas dilate blood vessels and capillaries, promoting better blood circulation. Heat rids the body of toxins and metabolic wastes.



“I’m hoping it will help draw more clients using all different treatments,” Duggan said.



The spa offers essential oils, hot stones therapy, reflexology, mud wraps, herbal wraps, scrubs and specialized facials in addition to sauna treatments.



Services, she said, help rejuvenate the body. Blood circulation, exfoliation and detoxifying are goals of the various treatments.



Duggan completed her training at the National Holistic Institute in Berkeley, Calif. She has been practicing for more than 20 years.



The spa is available by appointment only. Gift certificates are available.

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