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Evensong Spa / Green Lake, WI Spa / Wisconsin Spas


The Midwest may not be known for its great spas, but that might change. A noteworthy newcomer, Evensong Spa, opened in September in Green Lake, Wis., a small tourist town whose main draw until now has been the celebrated Heidel House Resort.



The prairie-style Evensong Spa offers a relatively rare feature: a labyrinth, with a soothing slate and riverstone design. Labyrinths originated millenniums ago for various purposes. Today, they’re regaining popularity as a way to quiet the mind, reflect, meditate and celebrate — just in case massage doesn’t do the trick.


Why go now


There’s nothing like a spa visit to prep the mind and body for summer. Early spring isn’t high season in Green Lake, so the spa isn’t crowded — meaning you’ll have a more relaxing experience. And that, of course, is a large part of what spas are all about.


Favorite feature


The labyrinth is in a prime location. A lot of spas are separated from nature — tucked within a complex of buildings or adjacent only to manicured fairways. While Evensong partially faces Tuscumbia Golf Course’s third hole, its main views are of the property’s surrounding 38 acres of deer-filled forest and wetlands. With immense banks of windows in the relaxation lounge and restaurant, plus more intimate views from the locker rooms’ whirlpools, you’re continually exposed to nature’s soothing views. And a breath of fresh air always beckons from the back-yard patio’s comfy chairs.


Doin’ the ‘rinth


Meditating your way through a labyrinth isn’t something most people are familiar with. So your first inclination might be to skip it, despite the enticing phrase, “The journey is the reward,” scripted in variegated copper leaf on the labyrinth room wall. Don’t. I was afraid my mind would wander as I walked the serpentine pathway, or that I’d race through it without really focusing on anything. Instead, my thoughts unexpectedly flew to my oldest child as soon as I stepped onto the smooth path, and I was surprised to find myself meditating on his upcoming graduation and flight from the nest. You might not experience any major revelations or deep insights during your walk, but it’s worth 20 or 30 minutes of your time to see what might pop into your head.



Best surprise


The locker rooms feature a whirlpool, steam room and lounge. But Evensong caters to the sometimes-reluctant male spa-goer by equipping the men’s lounge with leather armchairs and a plasma TV. It’s been a big hit so far. My husband burst out of the men’s locker room, exclaiming, “Hey, there’s a plasma TV in there! I’m coming back later to watch the football game.”


Evensong Spa / Green Lake, WI Spa / Wisconsin Spas




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