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On Tuesday Nivala and Company Salon will open an expanded facility in Rosemount. And with its opening Rosemount residents will be able to get a spa experience in their own backyard.


The day before its second anniversary, Nivala will reveal its new reception, nail care and spa space to the community. And while the salon has nearly doubled its square footage, owner Sara Nivala said it still has the comforting atmosphere the salon has always tried to maintain.


“I want it to feel relaxing and warm,” Nivala said of her salon.


In only two years, Sara Nivala, pictured above, has expanded her salon. On Tuesday Nivala and Company Salon will open its new addition that house nail and spa services.


In only two years, Sara Nivala, pictured above, has expanded her salon. On Tuesday Nivala and Company Salon will open its new addition that house nail and spa services.


Nivala said it was hard to imagine melding her homey salon and the shell of the old dry cleaner together but they were able to do it. She said the salon area and the new addition blend as if they were always together.


The addition houses the salon’s new services that include full nail care and spa services. The salon portion has remained the same.


Since the salon opened Nivala said customers have requested nail care. Because of the small space, she said, they weren’t able to do it. But with the addition, the salon will have a full room dedicated to nails.


The newest beauty technology available has been installed in the nail room to offer 100 percent sanitary manicures and pedicures. Special doors separate the room to stop odors from bothering other salon customers.


As for products, Nivala said the salon will carry OPI and Qtica. To provide nail care, Nivala hired Louann Hyrkas, who has worked with nails since 1991.


For those looking to really indulge, Nivala said two spa rooms will provide a place for customers to have a full spa day of beauty complete with massages and facials.


The spa rooms reflect the warm tones of the salon but also provide a tranquil atmosphere where people can relax.


“It’s a retreat close to home,” Nivala said.


Up front the salon will have considerably more reception and retail space. Nivala said the expansion is a reflection of what customers have asked for. She said so far the salon has flourished and she will continue to try and meet the needs of her customers.


Nivala and Company Salon is a full service hair salon. The salon will introduce its expansion to the community Tuesday, Nov. 20. A formal celebration is being planned.


Nivala is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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