OPEN! A Message From Rancho La Puerta – the original destination spa




Saturday, October 27, 2007: We are open for business and the Ranch is fine. Our thanks go out to all who were concerned about our well-being. We are incredibly blessed. Our home, Baja California, has been spared the enormity of the fires that have bedeviled San Diego County to the north, and our prayers are with all of our San Diego, California, amigos y amigas. The Ranch did suffer some damage to its most outlying areas from a fire, but this blaze was not part of the massive Harris or Witch fires in San Diego. Some of our most remote cottages at the furthest edges of the gardens (where landscaped grounds meet our wildlands nature preserve) have been closed for what we consider to be relatively minor repairs. The vast heart of the Ranch and all its central facilities and accommodations were untouched. Our organic farm and new cooking school are also fine.

To make a reservation, please call our U.S. Reservations office at 800-443-7565.

We look forward to providing the complete Ranch experience of rest, renewal, and retreat!

Rancho La Puerta