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    Nail spa promises an eco-friendly escape

    Scottsdale salon promises an eco-friendly spa escape


    Stepping into a traditional nail salon, many are overcome by the strong smell of perfumes, acrylics, formaldehyde and other chemicals.


    Research has shown that prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals isn’t healthy for the customers or stylists.


    Because of that, Scottsdale-based Organicures Nail Spa is heading in the opposite direction.




    “Many (workers) end up with all kinds of allergies from all the chemicals they use throughout their career,” said Denise Sheldon, Organicures’ chief executive officer. “We started to get concerned about the salons we were going to.”


    Those concerns came to a head when Sheldon’s pregnant daughter-in-law chose to stop getting her hair colored and nails done out of fear of health complications.


    “Then we thought, if there was an alternative place for these women to go to, there would be demand for it,” said Sheldon, a business developer for 30 years.


    After some research, she and her daughter, Dana Buchanan, opened Organicures, an eco-friendly nail spa.


    Since opening June 1, appointments have been steadily flowing in.


    Two weeks into the business, at 9689 N. Hayden Road, more than 60 appointments had been made.


    The departure from the typical nail-salon environment is evident.


    For starters, digits are no longer soaked in a bowl of chemicals. That reduces the risk of infection from bacteria that thrive in reused bowls.


    Instead, salon workers apply a mask rub and organic oils to the hands or feet, then wrap them in a liner and warm towel made from 100 percent organic cotton. The oils are then allowed to soften cuticles and calluses.


    The traditional method of soaking the hands or feet also has been shown to dehydrate the skin, Sheldon said.


    “Within an hour or two, the skin dries out and the tissue contracts and the nail polish starts to buckle,” she said. Organicures’ method is “actually pumping up, rehydrating and sealing in that moisture.”




    Nearly everything about the shop is environmentally sound, from the flooring to the walls.


    A high-grade HEPA filtration system clears the air of any pollutants and smells associated with the spa.


    “For me, the organic, eco-friendly aspect is huge for us,” Sheldon said.


    The shop’s technicians are licensed and fully trained manicurists and pedicurists.


    They are also trained in Organicures’ methods using surgical-grade sterilized utensils.


    “It’s really safe now to have a worry-free manicure and pedicure,” Sheldon said. “We’ve taken the worry out of it.”


    Manicures cost $30 and pedicures $60. Together, they run $50 for new clients and $65 for returning clients, through Aug. 31.


    Sheldon plans to open additional shops throughout the Valley, with a new store every six months.


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