Oriental Retreat & Spa Expands Its Kirkland-Based Spa Facilities to Over 5,000 Square Feet





Oriental Retreat & Spa, a relaxing alternative to today’s trendy spas, today announced that they have expanded their Rose-Hill-based facilities in Kirkland to include 1,500 more square feet and nine new private rooms. Oriental Retreat and Spa’s additional facility celebrates the Eastern focus on tranquility and relaxation incorporating vibrant colors and textures into the new space. Now with 5,000 square feet, it offers both Sauna Faculties and a unique menu of body and skin care services including Qigong Tuina massage, Reflexology, anti-aging facials, Chinese body scrubs, and herbal body wraps, hot stone massages, exotic hydrobaths, facials and more. The new expanded facilities will be open on November 10, 2007.


“We expanded our facilities and Spa services menu to incorporate a holistic way of approaching relaxation,” said Kevin Chang, Owner of Oriental Retreat & Spa. “In addition to the Spa services that people are familiar with, we offer comprehensive relaxation treatments from the Orient.”


“For years, I went to more traditional spas including InSpa and Massage Envy, but these spas never relieved the stress that I was feeling. These spas simply did not get the knots out,” said Kelly P, an Oriental Retreat & Spa client. “In 2005, I started coming Oriental Retreat & Spa and haven’t left. Their healing massages just work and relieve the tension.”


Oriental Retreat and Spa is the largest and most comprehensive Seattle Metro-area Spa to offer Spa services and treatments from Orient. Its mission is to provide Spa services that nurture and relax the body and soul, and bring the body into balance using the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine — Yin or Yang, Superficial or Internal, Cold or Hot, and Deficient or Replete. Some of services they offer, including Qigong Tuina massage, Reflexology, and cupping therapy, have been used extensively in China for over 2,000 years and date back to at least as early as the Shang dynasty, around 1700 BC.


Unique Specialty services include:


Qigong Tuina massage: A hands-on body massage using acupressure, Tuina (pronounced ‘twee-nah’) is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is taught in TCM schools as part of formal training in Oriental medicine. This massage works holistically and is designed to work on the body’s energy channels and point with a wide variety of techniques. Tuina helps to balance up the Qi energy, the vital substances, and the internal organs on which the health of a person’s body and mind depend on. It releases tension, increases circulation, reduces pain, promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis. It leaves people with a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation, revitalization and well-being.


Reflexology: Dating from C. 3000 BC, reflexology is based in the belief that the image of the entire body, including internal organs, is represented on the surface of the foot. Applying pressure to pressure points only on the feet, Reflexology massages help to stimulate the flow of energy, thus helping to relieve pain or blockages throughout the entire body. Reflexology is also used to ease stress and promote relaxation and is particularly helpful in treating headaches, constipation, and stress-induced disorders.


Anti-Aging Facials: In addition to the traditional facials, Oriental Retreat & Spa’s facials offer an anti-aging facial that reduce fine lines, firm facial contours and eliminate the signs of fatigue. These treatments include a neck and shoulder massage while hands and arms receive an anti-aging exfoliation and moisturizing treatment. Facials also use a blend of Chinese herbal ingredients and oils to tone the skin, leaving the skin refreshed.


Herbal Body Wraps: These body treatments which include herbal baths, sea-salt scrubs infused with herbs and essential oils, and body wraps, are designed to open up the pores, rejuvenate the body and leave the skin glowing and silky smooth.


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