Personal Development


Change your mind change your life. Hypnotherapy and meditation ‘treatments’ will help those seeking personal development to address their concerns about life, love and money. Could this be a timely remedy to the economic and global woes of today’s world?

personal developmentLook for spa services and staff that will make a difference in people’s lives. These services will assist people to achieve their best self and be their personal best. Educational spa programs will be offered in a variety of ways: Day Spas will offer evening and weekend classes. Resort Spas will offer self development weekend spa workshops. Topics can include: mindful eating, weight control, heal the healer, financial planning, nutrition, exercise boot camps, daily group meditations, reading beauty product ingredient labels, home maintenance for a beautiful you, letting go of the past, relationship 101 why you attract the people you do into your live and a variety of health, life and beauty topics.

Soul Searching

When faced with job insecurity and economic uncertainty, individuals tend to engage in soul searching. Development that gives support, particularly development that focuses on wellbeing and having a sense of meaning both at home and in the work place, will be a big feature this year. Are you where you should be in your life? What truly makes you happy? Look for these seminars to be conducted in a variety of ways in day spas, resort spas and destination spas.

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