Prayer Request from Spa Trade




Thank you for your Prayers

Many of you have requested an update on Lothar Troeller’s condition after his life-threatening motorcycle accident in September.


After almost two months in the hospital, Lothar is home to the Chelsea Hotel. He is very weak, but they expect him to walk March — thanks to the brilliant surgeon who operated on his crushe pelvis within the first 48 hours. This miracle of modern medicine saved Lothat nine months in traction.


Linda and Lothar are forever grateful for all of your support and emails through this difficult period.


I am constantly in awe of our industry’s generous spirit.


Happy Holidays,

I received the following from Nancy Griffin from Spa Trade. I would like to request that you all take the time from your busy day to say a special prayer. Here is the note I received.

Dear SpaTrade members:

Lothar Troeller–husband of renown photographer Linda Troeller–was severely injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Lothar is in intensive care at University Hospital in Newark New Jersey. His extensive injuries include multiple bone fractures, a crushed pelvis, and a punctured lung. He is literally fighting for his life, and needs our help.

Many of us in the spa industry are familiar with Larry Dossey’s research on the healing intention on prayer. Now is the time put theory into practice. Please send your thoughts and prayers out to Lothar and Linda. Linda’s has touched many people with her images. She is an integral part of our spa community.

For information on how to offer assistance to Linda, contact Gina Molinari at Thank you in advance for your support,

Nancy Griffin

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