Quick and Easy Beauty Fixes


Beauty Tools for Great Results

Bio Ionic iBrush Silver Classic Conditioning Paddle Brush
 paddle brush is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. If you  have waves that can get really frizzy this brush smoothes that all right out. It’s much more gentle than the Goody one from Target.

NARS Blush – Super Orgasm – This blush wins beauty awards all the time, and for good reason. It’s lovely. Lives up to the hype, and the peachy-pink flatters most complexions. 

Hydrogen peroxide- The best value on my endorsement list is hydrogen peroxide. A huge bottle costs like $2 at Target and it’s the best teeth whitener ever. I swish a little for about a minute before I brush my teeth; it makes this lovely fizzy sound and is a necessary ritual when you drink as much coffee as I do. Just don’t get it in your hair. Turns orange.