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out of buisness
Out of Buisness

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The sudden closure of a salon in Keizer left customers with useless gift cards and workers without their final paychecks Saturday, employees said.



Radiance Salon and Spa closed unexpectedly last week. Customer Sandy Ellis said she was shocked when she found the sign on the front door.


She had received a gift certificate to the salon as a Christmas present and had recently purchased another gift card for a friend. With the doors closed Saturday and the salon half-empty, she said she’s out $95.


“You don’t treat customers like that. I know times are tough or whatever, times are tough with me too,” Ellis said. “Like I said, this was a splurge and you need to do the right thing and pay everybody back.”


Employees were equally upset Saturday. They said they still haven’t received their paychecks that they were scheduled to receive Friday and many were left jobless.


“We’ve called several times and we’ve been told we were harassing her and that she was going to sell her client information and we’re not getting paid,” said Sarah Hiebert.


According to state business documents, salon shop owner Cathryn Thiessen has shut down businesses before. She failed to renew her licenses at West Salem Florist and Divine Floral Design. Document also showed she’s associated with Great Start Food Stores, which FOX 12 found to be empty and closed.


Thiessen’s house was also empty Saturday. Employees said it had fallen into foreclosure.


“I’m sorry with whatever is going on in her life, but it’s not OK to treat over 10 people this way,” said Alia Martin, a former employee. “No matter what the situation is, that’s not OK.”


As for customers, Ellis said Thiessen should have never sold the gift cards knowing that she would be closing up shop in just a few days.


“If she’s some type of human, she would have some type of remorse and to make it better with the people, she will pay people back,” Ellis said.


Thiessen couldn’t be reached for comment Saturday night, but she posted a message to customers and employees Sunday on the Radiance Salon and Spa Web site:


I understand that my staff and some of my former guests are extremely unhappy about the closure, but I truly gave it everything I had to keep it open, offering it to a couple of my employees at a very inexpensive and extremely reasonable price, but they did not want to “risk” it. But that is what a business owner does, they generally risk everything, including their homes, their employees do not. I invested everything I had into keeping Radiance open throughout this economic downturn, and lost everything, I will truly miss my salon.


To read the full message, visit www.radiancesalonspa.com.


videoSudden Salon Closure Renders Gift Cards Useless

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