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Hairstylist Patty Lorton won’t be cutting, coloring or styling any hair locally next week. The co-owner of Reflections Salon and Day Spa is one of five finalists who will compete in the Biolage Stylist of the Year contest in New York City.  Shelly Emmanuel is the salon’s other co-owner.

“Our supplier encouraged us to enter the competition,” Lorton explained. “We had to enter photos to show our work, and I met a girl who I thought would be just perfect as our model. She agreed to have her hair cut, colored, styled and a makeover done. We sent in the photos showing her in different hairstyles. Of course, we never expected to hear anything from them.”

Contestants were required to submit an essay, as well as photographs of their models. In explaining how colors were chosen for their model, the Reflections hairstylists’ essay states: “Trudy (Spencer) had moved to northwest Arkansas from Hiko, Nev., to make a fresh start and begin a new chapter in her life. As she described her quaint and cozy hometown, she spoke of the rich colors of the mountainsides and warm hues of the Nevada sunsets. We drew parallels from her story and decided to let art imitate life by allowing the concept of ‘fresh start’ to not only apply to her ZIP code, but also to her appearance.”

The essay included details about Biolage products used on the model’s hair to achieve the final look.

As it turned out, the judging organization notified Lorton that she was a finalist. She will fly to New York City on Tuesday. She will be supplied with a model whose hair she will cut and style. A photo shoot will take place the same day, and the photographs will be posted online. Judged by a group of peers, the grand prize winner will be announced Jan. 15.

“I’m the one going to New York to compete, but it’s really been a team effort with help from several people here at Reflections,” Lorton said. “I’m nervous, but looking forward to the experience. We will be at their hair-styling academy, and I think it will really be interesting to see how they do things there.

“This really is an honor, and I’m humbled by it. I feel like I’ve already won because I’m getting a paid trip to New York City and three days there,” Lorton said. “I’m nervous, but I know it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

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