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In the rushed and busy world we’ve created for ourselves, it’s hard to find time for quietness. And when those down times do come, sometimes we can’t let go of the day enough to relax.

Aesthetician Carla Beard knows how the power of human touch can release tensions and anxieties, and make relaxation a simple thing to find.

As an aesthetician, Beard offers all of the services of a massage therapist, plus a whole lot more. Her license allows her to also perform facials, body wraps, waxing services and make-up application.

She offers relaxation massage and healing touch therapy in a quiet room inside Country Hair Creations and Day Spa in Woodville. Healing Touch is a skill Beard learned at a course sponsored by The Bellevue Hospital. It is often used on cancer patients.

“Healing Touch uses energies to promote healing,” she said. “A lot of people don’t know how to calm themselves down, how to relax. On my table, with the music and the lights down, they can relax.”

One client comes to Beard because she has trouble sleeping, so Beard helps her to relax. “When she leaves, she always says, ‘I know I’ll sleep tonight,'” said Beard.

Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, sage, and peppermint, are used to relax and heal. “They help decompress people,” she said. “If I have the room smelling like lavender, they’ll instantly calm down.”

“I work on feet to break down the toxins. Peppermint helps to stimulate.”

In addition to massage and healing touch, Beard also offers complete body exfoliations, which include facials and body wraps. “I do a salt and sugar scrub, cocoon the body in warm towels, and then rub with oils and lotions.”

Body treatment choices also include thalassotherapy seaweed and honey body polish. Beard offers several different types of facials to meet individual skin types.

She uses mud for pain and seaweed for detoxification, and offers cellulite treatments.

Often, bridesmaids will purchase spa treatments for the bride. Beard recently did a body treatment on a bride who had trouble tanning, but wanted to look and feel great for her wedding day. After the spa treatment, Beard applied tanning lotion and tanning spray. “She looked golden. She told me it was one of the best treats she’d ever had,” said Beard.

Making people feel beautiful is as important to Beard as making them healthy, so she offers make-up and false eyelash services. “I do a lot of make-up and false eyelashes for proms and weddings, and for people who just want to look good for the weekend.”

Beard offers gift certificates for all of her services. Services are $45 and up for an hour of treatment.

“The elderly love this,” said Beard. “I work with them getting on and off my bed. My bed raises and lowers. I have one 90 year old client that comes in once a month.”

Finding a way to relax isn’t as difficult as it seems. An hour with Beard can make all the difference in an anxiety-filled day.

“People don’t realize the healing effect of intense quietness,” she said.

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