RHEAL Day Spa Formerly Nordstrom Skin Care and Day Spa

Nordstrom gets RHEAL

Nordstrom Skin Care and Day Spa is changing the name of its business and will soon be changing its location as well.

Owner Rhonda Nordstrom announced this week that she is changing the name of her business to RHEAL Day Spa. The name reflects her personal line of skin care and anti-aging products.

She noted that she had to change the name from Nordstrom after a legal challenge from a large, national business with a similar name.

The name change is effective as of Dec. 1.

In addition, the spa is moving from its present location at 389 Main St. down the street to 453 Main St., into the former Downeast Diversified building, which is being renovated to accommodate two businesses and three condominiums.

Nordstrom said she expects to complete the move by mid-December. The spa will be on the first floor of the building.

The owner said the move will double the company’s space. As a result, it will offer more treatments, offer manicures and pedicures, and add a relaxation lounge where clients can sip tea and relax before and after treatments. The business offers facials, massage, body treatments and hair removal. Eventually, she anticipates offering yoga classes as well.

The firm has six employees now and may add three as part of its expansion.

Nordstrom said that with tough economic times, people are going to need spa treatments and time for themselves more than ever.

Nordstrom has been busy. She was recently in the news for having purchased Calm Moments Day Spa in Damariscotta.

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