salt healing

Salt Healing: feeling relaxed and having the best night’s sleep ever

salt healing

Find Calm with Salt Healing

Have you ever felt super relaxed and slept great after a day at the beach? The salty seaside air may be why. For ages, Eastern Europeans believed just sitting in natural salt caves could help allergies, asthma, eczema, stress, and more. Now, man-made salt therapy rooms aim to recreate the health benefits of salt caves.

Our article first told readers about salt rooms and breathing benefits. Lately these rooms were featured on The Doctors TV show too. Many salt rooms opened in the Chicago area to serve the large Polish population there. The salt comes from Polish mines. People go to chill out or get relief from bigger health issues. Many make salt rooms part of their normal health routine.

Salt healing therapy is called halotherapy in Greek because “halos” means salt. It happens in a controlled space made to copy real salt caves. Sitting in the salty air is thought to be the main healing part.

People have used real salt caves for therapy for generations. Man-made salt rooms now recreate that salty environment. Patients sit in comfy chairs in rooms covered in salt. Tiny salt particles get deep into the lungs when breathed in. The salt air is made by advanced tech that spreads the salt.

Studies in The New England Journal of Medicine showed inhaling salty air helps clear mucus steadily and improves lung health. This could protect lungs from harm that causes disease.

Salt healing as therapy may help many lung problems like chronic bronchitis, sinus trouble, shortness of breath, chest tightness, night coughs, allergies, colds, flu, and more. Research shows real health benefits from the salt.

Who Should Avoid Salt Rooms?

Some people should avoid salt rooms, like those with:

  • Bad lung disease
  • Heart failure
  • Uncontrolled blood pressure
  • Bleeding problems
  • Active infections

Since our article, more spas added salt rooms nationwide. Some companies even sell portable backyard salt room kits now. Try a salt lamp for a mini-version at home. The salty air can help you breathe and feel calmer.

Breathe easy with the healing power of salt. Salt rooms provide a drug-free way to find calm and clear your airways. The cozy environment and salty air work together to boost lung health and melt away stress. While real underground salt caves offer prime benefits, today’s man-made salt rooms also recreate the rejuvenating effects.

Treat yourself to a salt spa session and feel tensions drift away as you deeply inhale the subtly salty air. Or bring the magic of salt home with you in the form of simple Himalayan salt lamps. However you choose to leverage salt’s soothing superpowers, let the mineral’s grounding effects renew your body and spirit.

Salt Healing Salt Lamps the Home Solution

salt lampWhile a salt lamp cannot replace the salt cave, at home, or in the office, I use a Solay salt lamp. These beautiful lamps are more than just pretty to look at – they’re good for you!

These salt crystals generate healthy negative ions that cleanse the air. Ever experienced a change in the air after a good rain? That’s from negative ions, and that’s what these lamps do, and they don’t lose their power over time.

They are purported to help with asthma problems. These crystalline structures made of natural salt deposits in addition to creating cleaner air will also change you. An iron-rich room dramatically increases your energy, alertness, and well-being. An easy way to see the benefits of salt healing.

Salt Caves for Salt Healing in the USA

See if salt healing will be good for your wellbeing

Galos Caves
6501 West Irving Park Rd.
Chicago Il 60634
773 -283-7701

The Williamsburg Salt Spa
1111 Old Colony Lane
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center
120 Merchants Row
Rutland, VT 05701
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