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Spa Gift Certificate Disaster


Dear Fixer:

My mom bought multiple gift certificates from Maurice Alan Salon and Day Spa, which she gave as gifts to my sisters and me and other relatives. At Christmas alone she spent at least $500.

My sister recently tried to set up an appointment. She couldn’t get through by telephone – the message said the mailbox was full – so she drove over there, and it was completely empty. I know of at least five gift certificates that my mom bought that were never used.


Stephanie Ohse, Crestwood


Dear Stephanie:


 If we had a dollar for every story about gift certificates gone awry, well, we could buy you a treatment at another spa. The Fixer has heard from lots of readers who’ve bought gift certificates to local restaurants and other businesses only to find out the place has gone out of business before they’re able to cash in the certificate.


Unfortunately, businesses fail, and holders of gift certificates have little recourse other than to pursue the matter in court, which could end up costing more than the gift certificate is worth.


We sent your information to the salon’s attorney, who forwarded it to the former owners. He tells us he hasn’t heard back from them and there isn’t much he can do.


There is a new state law that that requires gift cards issued after Jan. 1 to be active for at least five years, but that law won’t help consumers who hold gift certificates from retailers or other businesses that close their doors.

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State Regulations on Gift Certificates

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