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Since our inception, Spavelous is committed to assisting each person achieve their personal best. Spavelous is a resource guide that provides information to allow you to make an informed decision about, spas, spa treatments, spa products and resort spa services.  You determine how you would like to incorporate a spa lifestyle into your life. Use the Spa Terminology Reference Guide to discover which treatments are right for you.

In addition, Spavelous is committed to bringing you the very best spa experience you could dream of. We inspire you to embrace a healing lifestyle, achieve spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. We feature the most professional spas and extensive information on what you should consider before going to the spa. See the Spa Etiquette guide to insure that you have the best spa experience and are an informed spa consumer.

Spavelous provides you with makeup beauty tips as well as spa party pointers. We also provide you with information and education to help you create a more healing lifestyle—a more balanced, healthy, and enjoyable life. Spavelous welcomes your comments and suggestions. If there is something you need more information on, feel free to contact us, let our researchers do the work for you.