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Debbie Renck and Shellie Martinez, co-owners of Destinations Spa at 435 S. Fourth Ave., stand together on the styling floor. With combined experience in cosmetology and massage therapy, the pair are hoping to offer clients a one-stop shop for a wide range of beauty and health needs.



As co-owners of the new Destinations Spa at 435 S. 4th Avenue, the pair draw on a set of complementary skills to offer a wide range of beauty and health, from massage therapy to pedicures.


Their abilities aren’t merely limited to matters of appearance, however. Both bring their experiences as business owners and managers to bear in their new venture.


“We both bring our expertise,” Renck said between scheduling appointments and fielding comments from a steady stream of customers. “That’s how we’ve set it up.”


As a former accountant and a 2005 graduate of the Denver School of Massage, Renck can crunch numbers and balance books when she’s not coaxing vertebrae into their proper positions. As the former owner of another beauty parlor in Brighton, Martinez can handle the day-to-day demands of running a business, even as she’s chatting amiably with clients as she styles their hair.


Renck, who’s lived in Brighton since 1992, and Martinez, a Brighton native, are hoping that by combining their creative and managerial skills, they can offer customers a resource that encompasses the gamut of cosmetic amenities, one that includes hair styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, body wraps and scrubs.


“We like for them to come to one place to get everything done,” Martinez said. “I’ve been doing hair for 10 years, and I get to work with customers I’ve known lifelong.”


The concept grew relatively quickly. After Martinez and Renck, who met at another local salon, hatched the idea, it progressed at a rapid rate.


“We had talked about it since the end of September,” Renck said. “The biggest challenge was to find a location. It all fell into place. We had no real plan, but we knew what we wanted to offer.”


The pair’s casual conversation and common interest soon morphed into a finalized location and an opening date.


“We got into the building Nov. 9,” Renck said. “We had a Dec. 1 opening. It was lots of hours, lots of paintbrushes.”


Thanks to word of mouth and the accumulated contacts of years of local work, the salon opened with a full clientele.


With such meteoric growth, Renck and Martinez have hardly had time to catch their breath, let alone formulate plans for the future. Still, amid the rapid expansion, building an initial clientele and finding a core staff of about 10, the new owners have formulated a few preliminary plans for the future.


“We’re looking to hire another massage therapist,” Renck said. “Eventually, we want to work with the senior center to have a senior’s day.”


For the moment, however, they are focused on the challenge of maintaining a startup business and retaining their desired easy-going ambience.


“We want to emphasize that there will always be somebody here to help out,” Renck said. After all, she pointed out, the aim of the salon is to promote relaxation and boost self-esteem. “It’s helping people feel better about themselves; getting rid of the daily stress.”



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