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ISPA Offers Spa Savings Tips



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To help clients who are finding fewer funds available for spa visits, the International SPA Association is offering tips for spa deals.

With everything from gas to grocery prices on the rise, you are no doubt looking for ways to get the most bang for your buck. So, how about stretching your dollar with a half day of de-stressing and relaxing in a spa for the cost of a 60-minute massage? With more than 3,000 members in 75 countries, the International SPA Association wants to help you find a spa experience to match your budget.

“Just as you can find a hotel, restaurant or pair of shoes in any price range, there is a spa experience out there for everyone,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “ISPA’s research shows that the average cost of a spa treatment is $79, which means you can relax, reflect, revitalize and rejoice at a spa for the cost of going out to dinner, playing golf or seeing a play or concert.”

One in four Americans has been to a spa and stress is bringing them through the doors. “The main reason that people go to spas is to reduce and relieve stress,” said ISPA Chairman Jim Root. “With concerns over the economy, combined with our 24/7 society of Black Berries, cell phones and traffic, people are realizing they must take time out to recharge their batteries and are turning to the spa lifestyle as a necessary part of a healthy routine.”

When ISPA and research firm The Hartman Group asked spa-goers what they would spend $200 of additional discretionary income on, a spa visit came in first for nearly 60% of American and Canadian spa visitors. The study also showed that dining and shopping finished second and third respectively, while concerts, movies, golf and spectator sports finished much lower.

Are you ready to relax? These six insider tips will keep you from stressing over costs at the spa:

• Off Is On – Book an appointment in the morning, mid-week and during the off-season. By beating the crowd you’ll score a spa deal.

• Packaged Deal – Many spa directors report that packages are often discounted up to as much as 20% off the regular individual prices. With 70% of spas offering packages, these deals are easy to find.

• Group Mentality – Bring your friends, family or co-workers and save. For example, you and your significant other will have no trouble finding a deal on a couples package, as 46% of spas offer them.

• Make a Day of It – Turn a 60-minute spa experience into a full day! Spas offer a wide range of complimentary amenities for you to enjoy, such as relaxation rooms, steam rooms, fitness centers, pools and healthy snacks and beverages.

• Score Online – Besides checking your favorite spa’s Web site for any new promotional postings regularly, you should also sign up to be on the spa’s e-mail list.

• Taking It Home – Take the spa experience home by learning techniques from your treatment that you can practice in your daily life. Ask your therapist for pointers on stretches, breathing techniques and home remedies, as well as product recommendations.


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