The Spa at Sea Island

This award-winning spa lulls you into “island time’’ where the sounds of water, the scents of flowers and the healing touch of spa therapists naturally balance and soothe your body, mind and spirit. This Forbes Five-Star Spa and Fitness Center is among the nation’s most prestigious spa facilities.

The Spa at Sea Island


Escape to Serenity at The Spa at Sea Island

Nestled along the gentle shores of Sea Island, Georgia lies a spa experience like no other. The Spa at Sea Island beckons visitors to embark on a journey of wellness and rejuvenation, inspired by the restorative powers of nature.

Winding paths lead guests through lush gardens to a Mediterranean-style sanctuary devoted to healing and balance. One can feel the worries of the world wash away as the soothing sounds of trickling fountains and singing birds fill the air. Within the spa's tranquil walls, caring guides lead visitors on custom journeys of renewal, drawing on the elements to nourish body, mind and spirit.

The Spa offers a menu of indulgent and therapeutic treatments designed to melt stress and tension away. Guests can choose from massages, facials, body wraps, and more - each treatment infused with the benefits of water. For instance, the signature bathing ritual utilizes a seven-step infusion of ginger grass and cherry blossom rice body polishes. The experience immerses bathers in relaxation as skin is gently exfoliated and nourished.

Afterward, visitors can continue their spa journey in the Turkish and Japanese baths, or take a cold plunge and relax in the hot pools. The Spa also offers specialized services just for kids ages 8-15, teaching young guests the values of self-care through age-appropriate massages, nature hikes, and more.

At The Spa at Sea Island, wellness is not just a destination - it is a journey. Guests are cared for each step of the way by spa guides dedicated to their health and happiness. Here one can take a deep breath, embrace the elements, and rediscover their inner balance and vitality. The Spa offers a serene oasis to relax, restore and return to the world renewed.

The Spa at Sea Island

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The Cloister
100 Cloister Drive
Sea Island, GA 31561
(855) 572-4975


This transformative, 65,000-square-foot sanctuary of elegance and serenity combines the best of ancient and modern wisdom, featuring an expert staff of therapists, consultants, and providers. The salon and treatment facilities are superb, and personalization is emphasized throughout. The Fitness Center is extensive and modern, encompassing personal training, indoor pools, cycling classes, and yoga—truly a club unto itself.

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