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Spa Sold – What happens to Your Gift Certificates?



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Unfortunately, Once again I have to write about a spa that has closed or in this case was sold and a client is stuck with no way to redeem their spa gift certificate!

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Here is the story from Tampa Florida.


Action: Spa’s sale leaves gift certificate holder in limbo

Terms of spa’s sale determine who is liable for gift certificate

Q: I hope you can help me.

Last Christmas, my husband bought me a $200 gift certificate to A Bella Spa in Homosassa. It was purchased Dec. 11.

The same day, the spa was sold. My husband was never informed.

I phoned in January to make an appointment but only got an answering machine. I phoned every week until April, when I drove by. A sign stated it was closed for renovations.

On April 22, my husband went down and spoke to “Betty.” She told him there were new owners but they would accept the gift certificate. She said I should call to make arrangements.

I phoned that afternoon and was told the spa couldn’t offer all the services on the gift certificate, but they were hiring new people and would be able to soon.

I phoned again in July and this time I was told the new owners would not accept the gift certificate and there were signs all over stating this. How could I know that when I still hadn’t been able to make an appointment?

On July 27, I called and spoke to the new owner and the manager to no avail.

Visiting a spa is a special treat for me. I only get to do it once a year. At this point, I just want my money back.

Nina Castilli Hyer

A: Oasis Bella Hotel general manager Mit Shah said the spa closed Aug. 26, the day before we spoke. Despite having sent him your entire file, he asked repeatedly what you wanted.

The hotel and gym portions of the business are still operating and Shah said he’d credit you a membership for the equivalent of your gift certificate or hotel accommodations. But nothing more.

Contact him at the hotel if you’re interested.

When a business is sold, the new owner is only obligated to honor gift certificates if it has purchased the company’s assets and liabilities. A gift certificate is considered a liability.

So, if the new owners didn’t purchase A Bella’s liabilities, you may have a case against its original owners, according to Sandi Copes at the Florida Attorney General’s office.

To make a determination, you’d need to learn the terms of the sale.

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