Spa Suites Spa Getaway


Sweet Home Away From Home

More than half of the travelers are likely to use spas and fitness centers when they travel. Now, when it comes to me and most of the people I know, we select the hotels and resorts we stay at based one-hundred percent on the amenities that the resort has. Yes, we definitely require a spa. If the resort does not have a spa, then the secondary consideration is the day spas in the immediate area.

More and more travelers research their vacation and business travel needs on line. Travelers want to see where they will stay. Virtual tours, previous guest’s reviews and all inclusive packages, are becoming more critical in the decision of where to stay. No longer is it just the comfort of the bed and the quality of the restaurant. For consumers like me, want to see the spa. Resorts are now responding to the increase demands for spas, yoga, meditation, fitness and healthy food choices. Some resorts, are now offering spa-tacular spacious rooms. These spa suites incorporate luxury, convenience, comfort and a new level of feeling at home when you’re on the road.

InSPAration Is A Two Way Street

Spa SuitePeople wanted to bring a new sense of luxury into their homes the trend was to create a spa resort environment at home. Homes began to look like mini spa resorts with the additions of features like elegant swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, well landscaped outdoor living areas, granite countertops, master bathrooms complete with: steam rooms, rain showers, towel warmers, saunas, Illumatherapy Baths, hydrotherapy tubs and heated floors. Massage rooms, fitness centers and theater rooms were being incorporated into the flow of the house. Home luxury resorts; create very little need for people to venture out or travel. You get to enjoy the sanctuary of your home retreat every day.

The people who travel, demand a new level of service. No longer does the traveler only look for a clean room and a nice bed to sleep in. The bar has been raised. Today’s traveler now wants to bring that home luxury directly into their hotel room or suite. Heavenly beds, coffee makers, wireless high speed internet, cable/satellite television, media hubs for your computer, personal audio players and room safes large enough to handle your personal equipment are expected. San Diego Hard Rock Hotel is an example of the new expectations. A few Resorts are now exceeding the expectations with the introduction of the all new spa suites. As you will see, the interpretation of what “spa” means and what it includes varies based on the hotel or resort.