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Spa Vure Rhode Island Day Spa Closes All Locations


Spa Vure Has closed all  Locations in Rhode Island.  If you purchased a Spa Gift Certificate from Spa Vure, Contact the Owner Vure Kpea at 401-739-8021 ext 106 or Jennifer Clark at Extention 118.  This is the information posted on their website.  However when Spavelous contacted them, we were told to contact 401-739-7681 ext 106 or 103.  

To see the State of Rhode Island Gift Certificate regulations overview.  

During this holiday seasson. giving a spa gift certificate is a terrific gift.  However, You should ONLY purchase a Spa Gift Certificate that can be used at any spa and salon that accepts VISA.  

The perfect spa gift for everyone you love and everyone you know. Spavelous Spa Gift Cards are the most widely accepted spa gift card and may be redeemed at any Spa or Salon that accepts Visa® cards.


Why Give a Spavelous Spa Gift Cards?


  • Spavelous Spa Gift Cards are the most widely accepted spa gift card and may be redeemed at any day spa, resort spa, destination spa or salon that accepts Visa® cards.
  • With Spavelous Spa Gift Cards there are no limitations on what spa services, spa products or spa packages that you may redeem it for.   You may use them on discounted spa services and spa packages.
  • Spa Gift Cards may be personalized with recipients name and a special message.
  • Send a free e-card to your spa gift card recipient.
  • You may check your balance on line or using a toll free number.
  • Spavelous Spa Gift Cards give your gift recipient the choice of where and how they spend it.
  • You never have to worry about a spa closing or changing ownership because Spavelous Spa Gift Cards may be redeemed at any day spa, resort spa, destination spa or salon that accepts Visa® cards. 


Rhode Island:
(401) 274-4400
150 S. Main St., Providence, RI 02903
Rhode Island Expiration – It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation of any kind to charge additional monthly or annual service or maintenance fees on gift certificates or to limit the time for the redemption of a gift certificate or to place an expiration date upon the gift certificates. General Laws of Rhode Island 6-13-12
No gift certificate or any agreement with respect to such gift certificate may contain language suggesting that an expiration date may apply to the gift certificate. General Laws of Rhode Island 6-13-12
Redemption – A gift certificate issued by a business association that remains unredeemed for more than three (3) years after issuance is presumed abandoned. General Laws of Rhode Island 33-21.1-14(a).
In the case of a gift certificate, the amount presumed abandoned is the face amount of the certificate itself. General Laws of Rhode Island 33-21.1-14(b)
Gift Cards – Gift cards are covered under the definition of “gift certificate”. General Laws of Rhode Island 6-13-12

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