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Putting the man in manicures

Spas have long been considered a sanctuary for women – a place of refuge from stress and responsibility, a few hours for pampering and relaxation.  But in the past decade, women increasingly have had to share their respite as more men indulge in nail care, facials and massages.

“Feeling better, looking better, trying to unwind and relax (is not just) about beers and watching TV. It’s about spirituality . . . something that feeds your spirit and feeds your soul and makes you feel better.”

Men make up about 31 percent of spa goers, and the number is growing each year, according to the International Spa Association.

Spas have begun to cater toward both sexes, adding treatments and packages specialized for men and maintaining either a neutral decor or a separate area for men.

“Men don’t want to be surrounded by pink nail polish,” Knowles says. “They want to have more of a clean environment without too much fluff around.”

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Philip and Colette Pepperell, owners of Sibonné Day Spa in Glendale, AZ designed their spa with men in mind and have a separate menu of services for them.

“We try to make it unisex and not too feminine,” Colette says.

While women use the spa as a chance to treat themselves with massages and facials, men want more goal-oriented treatments.

“Women like pampering, and men prefer straightforward treatments . . . something that’s going to help relieve sore muscles or something that’s going to help relieve the pain of golfing,” Knowles says.

Men are offered sports manicures and pedicures and gentlemen’s facials. At some destination spas, men can package treatments with activities such as golfing and hiking, basking in a social, clublike environment during a “mancation,” Knowles says.

Boxers Men’s Salon in Phoenix is dedicated to services for men, from hair and skin care to waxing and massages.

“(Men) can drink a beer and get their nails done,” owner Julie Seifert says.
“I think we’re going to add facials,” he says after recently receiving one at the salon. “I mistreat my face sometimes. Doing what I do, I see the benefits.”

Ah, spa
Here are Valley spas that specialize in men’s spa treatments or cater to men, along with a recommended treatment.

Boxers Men’s Salon
7 W. Monroe St., Phoenix, 602-340-8052.
Try: Back Rejuvenation, $65, a facial-type treatment for the back.

Dolce Barber & Spa
3305 W. Chandler Blvd., Suite 5, Chandler, 602-515-0455.
8385 W. Mariners Way, Peoria, 480-722-0500.
Try: Scotch Ale Facial Treatment, $95 for 60 minutes and $130 for 90 minutes, a facial designed for men.

V’s Barbershop
Six locations Valley-wide, with a seventh location opening in late August,
Try: The Whole Deal, $70, a shampoo, haircut, shave, facial, face massage and a shoeshine.
Sibonné Day Spa (men and women)
18561 N. 59th Ave., Suite 120, Glendale, 602-843-8185.
Try: Relaxing Rocks, $70 for 45 minutes or $100 for 75 minutes, a massage that uses warm stones.


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Spas the New Men’s Club

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