Golf Spas Colorado

For obvious reasons, the state of Colorado carries visions of skiing, snow cabins, snowboarding and well, anything revolving around snow. In the summer however, the snow limits itself to the peaks of nearby mountains and the sports fan can enjoy many activities, with the golfer enjoying a veritable banquet.

Why is Colorado golf so special?

How about perfect 70-degree days, cobalt-blue skies and playing golf without a mere drop of sweat? How about unparalleled mountain vistas, intriguing sandstone rock formations framing greens, rumbling clear-mountain streams? Have you ever seen a bear on the green or elk in the fairways? You can in Colorado.

You can’t miss the scenery. Today, some new golf courses claim to be on the ocean, but you can’t see the ocean. There’s no mistaking a 14,000-foot mountain as a backdrop for your 9-iron approach to a high-altitude green.

Many folks around the country think Colorado is covered in snow six months out of the year. Untrue. Front-range golfers, those east of the Rockies, can sometimes play year-around. And on some shoulder-season days in the mountains one can ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon.

The golf around this area has a great variety combining a desert feel, with parkland and links golf thrown in. Within two hours of Denver, there are over 200 golf courses. Many of the most beautiful are to the west of the city, high up in the mountains.

A very refreshing thing about golfing here is the eagerness that everybody has to walk the courses, something that is very rare in most parts of the USA. The choice is yours on almost every course in Colorado although some mountain courses should be tackled in a cart for health reasons.

The Colorado golf experience is something very special indeed. The views are breathtaking, you hit the ball further and the hospitality is exactly what the United States wants to provide. How can a golfer refuse?

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