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What is Hot Stone Massage

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss Over ten years ago, I decided to change my life, leave the comfort of my job and the high...

Native American Indian Spa Treatments

Finding your "purpose in life" Long before the white man set foot on American soil the Native Americans, had been living in America. When the...

Fresh And Fruity Facials

Your skin is the body's largest respirator. It's a fragile, protective barrier that wards off disease, prevents infection, protects internal organs and releases toxins.

Gemstones Healing

The Beauty of Gemstones and Gemstones Healing Property Is There More Than Meets The Eye? Gemstones have been valued throughout history for their beauty and...

How To Spa Questions and Answers

Spa Answers and Questions You want to know  The holidays have ended, and soon Valentine’s Day will be here.  This year, many people were given...