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Tea for Stress-Less

Stressless life Daily cups of tea can help you recover more quickly from the stresses of everyday life, according to a new study by UCL...

Stress and Skincare – Minimize Stress to Improve skin appearance

Factors that impact emotional well-being, such as stress, depression and anxiety, can increase skin, hair or nail problems, according to Richard G. Fried, M.D.,...

Add Years to your Life – Reduce Stress at the Spa

Add Years to your Life - Reduce Stress at the SpaDid you know that April 16th was National Stress Awareness Day? Coincidence that it...

Stress Less – Get a Massage

Stress LessStress is Less with Massage   National consumer research released today said 81% of American adults feel as stressed (45%) or more stressed...

Spas Relieve Stress that may cause melanoma

Melanoma Progression Seen to Be Affected by Stress Levels Another reason to encourage relaxation and stress relief at the spa—melanoma has been found to progress...

Demand for Stress Management Spas On The Rise

In late November, a couple of months after the global financial crisis leaped to the top of news reports, spa lovers browsing were showing...