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The Latest Trend in Skincare Treatments

Those on the Hollywood ‘A-List’, like Eva Mendez and Eva Longoria Parker, pay $2,000 an hour for his personal touch. His name is Scott-Vincent Borba and he recently brought his natural skin care line to North Texas.

To fight the aging process, Borba’s products use anti-oxidants like acai berry, lychee fruit, pomegranate extracts, Vitamin C and other natural ingredients.

Nancy Misso came to Northpark Center to meet Borba in person and try some of his new products. “I think the natural ingredients that he uses make a lot more sense than other product lines do.”

 to remove dead skin, even her tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. “[It’s] the next generation of micro-dermabrasion,” explained Borba. “This is a diamond dermabrasion.”

A 2-step wand, designed to brighten, was used on the areas around Misso’s eyes. “This makes the eye area more wide awake and rested,” Borba said of the wand.

Finally, he applied an ‘enlightening cream’ to the contours of Misso’s face. The
BORBA HD-Illuminating Light Effects Serum 1.7oz also contains micro-diamonds to illuminate the skin. Borba said, “It puts in the diamonds and the HD sparkle into your skin so your skin looks younger, longer.”

In the end, Misso said she was thrilled with the transformation. “My face feels really good, and I definitely love all his products.”

Doctor Genevieve Wallace of North Dallas Dermatology Associates says every skin regimen should include an exfoliant. “It contains many ingredients that we are already using in our practice.”

Dr. Wallace believes that many of Borba’s products contain some beneficial ingredients. “So one of the ingredients is Vitamin C, and what Vitamin C does is it improves the collagen in the skin – helps to stabilize it.”

Despite the possible benefit of any product, Dr. Wallace is quick to point out that results won’t be the same for every client. “Many of the products that are on the market right now, there are no scientific studies to say how effective they are. So it’s up to the patient themselves to try it and see if it works for their skin.”

According to Dr. Wallace, natural products like Borba’s are comparable to synthetic alternatives. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

For Nancy Misso, the choice was obvious. “To me it’s worth it. I’d rather use good products now instead of having to do something later on to look good.”

Borba’s topical products range in price from $18 to $60 for a 90-day supply.

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