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The Spa at ‘Tween Water



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New ‘Tween Waters Inn spa promises a taste of Florida Georgeanne Pailes, the new owner of The Spa at ‘Tween Waters, is pictured here at what will soon become the spa’s manicure station. Tween Waters Inn will soon have a new and improved addition to their already formidable line up of resort activities, thanks to massage therapist and islander Georgeanne Pailes. The Spa at ‘Tween Waters — formerly known as the Sbarra Day Spa, which featured a retro 1940s theme — is situated next to the ‘Tween Waters pool complex and is currently getting a makeover treatment of its own. Pailes is painting and cleaning, reorganizing and updating. She is redecorating the spa, which is currently empty, to make it look like a beach cottage. The spa is being decorated in shades of seaglass blues and greens, plus an all-over beach motif accented with shells and classic, Floridian scents. “I’m going to use products that are all Florida-based, natural scents, like mango scrubs and coconut,” Pailes said, adding that all of her facial products are organic. “I’m choosing products that pertain to Florida,” she continued, explaining that when people come into her spa, she wants them to be reminded of the beach experience and — hopefully — take that memory home with them. Pailes will also be using the work of local artists and photographers to decorate her spa, including pieces by Tower Gallery artist Charlie Brown and her husband, nature photographer Robert Pailes. But there are still a few surprises on the way. “I’m going to do wedding parties also. ‘Tween Waters is a big destination for weddings, so I’m going to have services geared towards that,” Pailes explained, noting that she will offer special bridal packages including nails, hair, make-up and other services. And to add to the relaxation process, Pailes will offer her guests champagne, chocolates and fresh fruit as a small part of the pampering experience. If her guests decide to select a full day of treatments, she’s planning on arranging lunch for her clients so that they can relax and still have that midday meal within the comforting confines of ‘Tween Waters. Her lineup of services will include pedicures, manicures, massage, facials, hot stone massage, hair and make-up. Pailes also plans to offer an assortment of “package deals” for guests who want to indulge in a whole day of pampering. She also plans on giving back to the community, which she says has been so supportive of her business venture. Pailes, whose children attend The Sanibel School, says she plans “to donate things like gift baskets and massages and doing whatever I can to help.” In addition, Pailes said she was surprised and thankful at how supportive members of the community have been in pushing her to pursue her goal. “Karen Bells was my biggest motivator. She just kept saying, ‘You can do it,’” Pailes said. She began by writing up and presenting a business plan, knowing that while she didn’t necessarily have a lot of business experience, her ideas and spa experience would be key in helping to secure the space. “I’ve worked in spas before, and I’m bringing all of the good ideas with me,” said Pailes. And although she has never owned her own spa before, she’s been a licensed massage therapist for awhile. “I’ve been doing this for 10 years,” said Pailes, who noted that she is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Florida 11 years ago. “This could be life-changing for me,” she added. “This is my chance!” The Spa at ‘Tween Waters is scheduled to open by Oct. 1. If you would like to make an appointment before the spa’s official opening, call 239-691-4616 for more information.