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$59 Massage Tri for Life Phoenix Arizona

Tri For Life Phoenix


Choose Between Two Options

  • $59 for one 60-minute full-body massage ($125 value)
  • $155 for three of the above massages ($375 value)

Clients can choose between Swedish and deep-tissue modalities. Massage will start with a pain evaluation.

ALL Tri For Life programs are designed to help you lose the bad habits that have been causing the weight gain and ill health patterns and replace them with successful habits that WILL help you lose weight, body fat, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Massage Pressure: How Much Can You Handle?

A good massage is all about communication, and your therapist will want to know how much pressure to apply. Use our guide to make the most of your upcoming session.

A massage can already be a vulnerable experience, so the question of how much pressure the therapist should apply can be tough to answer, especially given that everyone experiences pressure differently. Fortunately, there are basically three possible responses—light, medium, or firm—and considering the following factors may help you decide:

Pain Tolerance: If you find yourself extremely sensitive to touch, request light pressure. Likewise, people who can tolerate rigorous—possibly even uncomfortable—pressure should choose firm to get the most out of the muscle manipulation. Always trust your body; if firm pressure feels too intense, ask the therapist to ease up.