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World’s Most Expensive Spa Treatments

expensive spa treatments

What is the cost of Extravagant Beauty? 

This article from Forbes shows a few of the most expensive treatments. See everything from caviar facials to $5,000 Evian baths, the top treats found around the globe.“It’s a long Process but it is worth it” Four times a year, Colleen Fennelly, 40, visits San Francisco’s Spa Radiance, where she sits for the Grand Luxe Facial–a three-hour long treatment.  The cost is $750.

In 2006, 144 million people booked a spa visit, a 10% increase from 2005. The average cost of a massage at a day spa is $88 ($138 at a resort spa). But decadent alternatives–like the $450 Six Hands Lava Stone Massage at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa in Maui, Hawaii–are increasingly beginning to populate spa menus worldwide.

Perfection in a Potion:

Take the $500 Microablation and Triphasic Combination Facial at Cornelia Day Spa in New York City.

For spa-goers who swear by the power of Crème de la Mer spend $305, for its namesake facial at London department store Harrod’s Urban Retreat is the ultimate skin savior.

Evian Bath at Spa V at South Beach’s Hotel Victor pay $5,000 to sit in a tub sprinkled with rose petals and filled with 1,000 bottles of Evian water.

In Pictures: World’s Most Expensive Spa Treatments.
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