1000 Quick Beauty Fixes


Rona Berg knows that sometimes women have dry skin. Or tired eyes. Or limp hair. Or a pimple. And as a beauty expert, she knows exactly what to do about it. Drawing on years of covering the beauty industry, working behind the scenes at fashion shows, fixing actresses’ and models’ beauty meltdowns, and learning insider information from hundreds of consultants and make-up artists, Ms. Berg—author of Beauty, The New Basics, with 122,000 copies in print—offers up the best 1,000 tried-and-true tips. Indexed by problem and solution,

Fast Beauty: 1,000 Quick Fixes is indispensable, filled with the kinds of advice, ideas, and help that sell millions of women’s magazines a month. Spa tips. Anti-stress tips. The “20-second face,” “the two-minute face,” the “five-minute face.” Innovative remedies: Rub olive oil into dry cuticles to soften them; use honey to get rid of a pimple overnight; to tighten the face temporarily, apply tomato juice (preferably fresh-squeezed) for ten minutes, and for the reverse—if your face is tight from too much sun—apply plain yogurt to the skin and leave on for ten minutes.

A full chapter shows how to solve beauty pitfalls caused by hormones at all stages of life; another deals with various problems caused by working out. And for every busy businesswoman, it tells what quick fix to use when heading into an important meeting straight off the red-eye—or heading straight from the office out on a blind date. About the Author Rona Berg is the former beauty editor for the New York Times Magazine. She was Editorial Director of Elle magazine and writes for numerous national publications, including Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Mirabella, Self, and Mademoiselle. Ms. Berg lives in New York City.