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Skin Care and Med Spa

Age Spots and Wrinkles and Sagging OH MY!

Imagine a more youthful looking you…

Both the pleasures and stress of life along with the simple passage of time tend to cause our skin to appear older. And the signs of aging and sun-damage are typically most visible on our face. While numerous treatments from simple creams to major surgeries exist to improve various facial flaws, skin specialists have always sought dramatic improvement with low risk and no downtime. In this article of Skin Care and Med Spa, I will look into this with you in better details.


Skin CareAs a baby boomer over fifity, I have the normal concerns on lines, wrinkles, and aging in general. Today, there are so many products and procedures out there to fight the aging process This week we will look at the procedures of the medical spa that will enhance our appearance. In addition, we will look to answer what attributes makes us look old.

This issue is of particular concern to me, because I grew up in Long Island, New York, where I spent a great deal of time out at the beach. When we wanted to go swimming, we would go to the near by Sunken Meadows Beach where we enjoyed the calm water of the Long Island Sound, or if we were up to driving a little further to the Atlantic Ocean, we would enjoy Robert Moses Causeway State Park or Jones Beach. 

Like many teenagers, I spent hours in the sun getting a tan. Of course, being of Scottish-Irish and Polish background, I would generally burn the first day and then I would begin to tan. Back in the 60’s and 70’s, many of us made matters worse, by lying on metallic silver blankets, using facial reflectors and using baby oil with iodine to give us a faster tan. Yes, we were on the fast track to skin cancer and aging. Fortunately, my mother had us using moisturizers since we were ten. If she didn’t, I would hate to see my face now. Despite this, I have had my share of damaged skin, including skin cancer on my forehead.

For many women, wrinkles and fine lines are the bane of their lives. Looking into the mirror and seeing a face filled with wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines can be very disheartening, but it’s all a part of growing old, right?

Well, yes and no. Of course, our skin will age as we grow older, but in this day and age we can take steps to reduce the appearance of aging and facial wrinkles. Today, advances in knowledge and technology have made it easier to delay the signs of aging and deal with skin that already looks aged.

Dark Spots

From all of those tanning years, I developed hyperpigmentation. These are dark spots on my face, hands and décolleté. In addition, some of these spots were becoming unsitely and elevated. So several years ago, I decided to invest in my appearance. I started out with facials, numerious types of chemical peels and moved on to microdermabrasion and finaly fotofacials. Like most woman, I have tried many products for skin lightening , use a daily misturizer and sun screen, and have tried practically every brands of skin care products and wrinkle erasers. So which are the best? Which are right for you? 

No doubt, there are so many products and procedures out there to fight the aging process. Prevention of course is the best thhingthat you can do. As always, it is best not to ignore the precautions and then hope for a quick fix. Even if you get a quick fix, you will need to do your part if you want to maintain the results. 

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