2 small words

2 Small Words with Big Wisdom: Bringing Positive Change To Your Life

“We’ll see, son, We’ll see”


This Father’s Simple 2-Word Response to His Son Will Change How You View Hardship Forever

When Career Closed Doors Led to My Destiny

After years of dedicating himself to a company he loved, my husband felt deeply disappointed when a coveted promotion went to someone less qualified. In that frustration, he made the tough decision to walk away from a stable job without another lined up. It was a scary leap of faith. But that decision changed both of our life paths forever.

The Paradoxical of 2 Small Words “We’ll See” Wisdom

The phrase “We’ll see” can indeed seem paradoxical, as it holds both certainty and uncertainty at the same time. “We’ll see” Wisdom signifies an open mind and a willingness to wait for more information before forming an opinion or making a decision. In life, there is no need to label people or things.

Like my husband, we all quickly label experiences as good or bad- we want life to fit nicely into a positive or negative box. However, genuine wisdom often arises in understanding that reality is far more complex. Few capture this better than an old story passed on for generations.

wisdom for life
“We’ll see” Wisdom signifies an open mind and a willingness to wait for more information before forming an opinion or making a decision.

Ancient Chinese Teaching Story

Here is a famous Chinese teaching story that I first heard Sadhaguru tell, revealing life’s complexities. I share it with you as this story changed my view of life moving forward and made me see how true it was in reviewing my past.

A Son’s View On Life Happenings

A long time ago, there lived a widowed father raising his young adolescent son alone after his wife had passed away unexpectedly. As they struggled with both grief and poverty, the boy always remained obsessed with labeling anything that happened as either a wonderful fortune or a terrible misfortune. “We’ll see, son, We’ll see,” the father would gently reply.

A Life Filled with Abandonment Death, and Great Loss

One day, their horse ran away into the forest. “This is a terrible misfortune; our lives are worsening by the day!” cried the son. But in his calm style, the father simply responded, “We’ll see, son We’ll see.” 

The Great Return

Shockingly, the horse returned a week later, leading a pack of wild horses behind him. Their horse was the new leader. The overjoyed boy exclaimed how this must be a divine blessing. Yet once more, the father whispered, “We’ll see, son We’ll see.” 

Happiness is Fleeting

Over the following days, in his eager first attempts to tame one of the new horses, the boy was thrown violently, breaking his leg. Writhing in pain, he now saw this as a clear catastrophe, to which his father again said softly, “We’ll see, son. We’ll see.” 

The Sorrows of War

A week later, royal guards arrived, drafting all healthy young village men into a treacherous war. Sparing only the still-recovering son, they left the town filled with weeping mothers and wives – all except the father and boy, who finally understood life’s unpredictability.

Consider It All Joy

The son gained insight into how the world unfolds in unpredictable ways. He understood now why his father neither celebrated nor despaired at the blessing or the burden. The father warmly hugged his reflective son, happy to see the teaching land its lesson.

“Do not fear son. Through time, compassion, and understanding, “We’ll always see, son, we’ll see.”

2 Words Life-Changing Power

That story has impacted my life. My husband and I often laugh as we go through things. We look at each other when events happen, smile, and simultaneously say, “We’ll see, we’ll see.” We understand that 2 Words Life-Changing Power and how any situation can be turned around.

Gaining Insight Across Perspectives

The father’s loving response highlights how any event – from great boon to tragedy – has layers of unfolding. Wise figures across cultures echo this lesson. 

“When you make judgments of right or wrong, good or bad, should or should not, you will always find yourself caught between these polar opposites.” ~Deepak Chopra 

How true, indeed! The moment we rigidly label any life experience absolutely is the moment our journey toward deeper truth halts. By declaring an event as permanently “good,” we blind ourselves to downsides when they emerge. Conversely, labeling something eternally “bad” deafens us from hearing its positive reverberations.

Beyond Rigid Labels Awaits Wisdom

As thinkers like Deepak Chopra share, rather than boxing experiences as good or bad, embracing life’s paradoxes offers insight into acceptance, courage, and hope.

This wise tolerance holds true for external happenings and the inner terrain of thoughts and emotions. Chasing only positive feelings or eliminating negative ones leads nowhere fast. 

“There can be no light without dark. And no psychic wholeness without imperfection.” ~ Carl Jung

Finding the blessings inside hardship or the difficulties seeded even in our most glorious successes allows room for greater wisdom. Beyond simplistic judgments, we open space to learn acceptance, courage, humility, resilience – and so much more.

Applying the Lesson

When faced with unexpected pitfalls and windfalls, how might we respond with a similar willingness to withhold quick judgment while trusting in time’s possibilities?

  • Pausing first before categorizing changing circumstances. Practice non-judgment by refraining from immediate positive or negative assessments when faced with changing circumstances. 
  • Imagining alternate outcomes by asking “what if”
  • Attempting to see events from new angles rather than sticking to one interpretation, We’ll See.”
  • Consider the context around an event and how it fits into the broader story still left unknown. Look beyond isolated moments.

When we loosen rigid labels, we allow space for meaning to gradually reveal itself in ways we cannot initially foresee. As the father knew, through compassion and understanding, “We’ll see, son, we’ll see.”

When We Open Our Grasp, New Blessings May Emerge

Such was the opportunity that opened for my husband when he walked away towards the unknown. Had he not taken that leap of faith, we may have never met and fallen happily in love. If we remain open, life’s adversity often cultivates our greatest blessings.

My Wish For You

I hope that you will always remember the Chinese Story of “We’ll See” and that it provides you hope and joy, knowing that this too shall pass and that everything in your life will work toward your greater good.  Will you do it?  We’ll see, we’ll see.

James 1:2-4: “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” This verse encourages us to see difficulties as opportunities for growth and strengthens our faith, allowing us to endure.