Why Meditate?


How Does Meditation Work?

Researchers say that meditation works at least in part by lowering your body’s responsiveness to the stress hormone norepinephrine. Normally, stress triggers the release of these hormones, which in turn causes your heart rate and blood pressure to rise (the “fight or flight” response). But meditation interrupts that flood of stress chemicals, so you do not feel on guard or tense. In short, when you meditate regularly, you’re able to control your body’s reaction to stress instead of it controlling you.

Why Should You Meditate? why meditate

In this day and age of fast living and stress-related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring a more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives. This can be done by meditation, a simple exercise when practiced on a regular basis, and perfected, will promote in your life, clarity understanding, and a calm sense of being. Most people of today are caught up in the desire for accruing possessions and recognition, whether it be in their jobs or financial status. The western world has forgotten that life is more than worldly gain, and in doing so constantly seek fulfillment, unfortunately, it is based on material achievement. So, even though we may achieve our aims in gaining material possessions, we may still find we have a sense of emptiness our lives .This is because we are not nurturing our emotional and mental needs, we tend to push these needs to the background in the belief that we have to gain some sort of material status. In doing this, emotional and mental illnesses and stress manifest into our lives, families begin to fall apart and marriages break up.

Goals of  Meditation:

The two basic goals of meditation are: 1) Spiritual renewal, or the feeling of oneness with a higher source of life, no matter whether one calls it the infinite and eternal spirit, transcendent and yet immanent in everything, or a divine being called God, or supreme truth, from which flow peace, wisdom and strength. 2) The purpose of deep introversion, in a state of peace, is to search the basic truths of life, to separate reality from illusion itself, to acquire a clear understanding of reality rather than confusing it with a foggy, thoughtless state. The first is relatively easier through devotion and sincere dedication. The second needs a long practice, to acquire philosophical maturity. Using meditation will bring a sense of balance to one’s life, it can be used to achieve more clarity and insight, for with practice, you will attune to your inner needs and be aware of all the areas that need nurturing.

Meditation will improve you intuitive abilities, helping you be more aware of the needs of others around you. Your health will improve greatly, for being more relaxed physically and mentally will allow your body to heal and repair itself with more efficiency. We will become more motivated and alert in our work environment, as meditation promotes the focus of the mind, balancing the mind allows us to be quick-witted and intellectual. Our lives will become more calm and controlled for we will not react to situations around us, but will have the insight and patience to rectify and resolve any conflicts that life has to offer us. Meditation will introduce you to a world of clarity and a sense of well-being; you will find that you will cope with life’s difficult situations with confidence and understanding. It will increase all your natural abilities, whilst promoting new ones such as intuition and awareness, Meditation is a simple remedy to our world’s fast pace of living.

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